Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


9. Bahama mama pt.1

"Umm sure but what time will it be?"

"well we will be leaving at around 7:30 and spend a whole week at the Bahamas, just a fun family trip, you can bring whomever"

"Sounds great, i gonna go pack, love you mom"

"Love you too"

I go downstairs to tell Justin that we will be going on a family trip with my mom, and some of my cousins. "Hey babe" i say wrapping my arms around his torso. "Wassup princess?" he says kissing my forehead lightly. "We are going on a family trip with my mom for a week, and was wondering would you come?" It has been exactly 4 months since me and Justin have met and i still think about how we met, where we met, and my last year of high school is gone faded all behind, but i couldn't be happier with where i am right now.

"Of course I'm coming, you really think i would let you go alone?" he says chuckling. "Whatever anyways i going to go start packing some clothes" I say walking back up to our room, pulling out clothes everywhere. In the end the room looks a complete mess, huge pile of clothes stacked on top of the bed AKA the rejection clothes. I zip up my bag happy with my choices. "Justin come pack we leave tomorrow" i say cleaning up the battle war zone.

"Whatever you say princess" he says going through his drawers. I look at Justin his beautiful plump lips so pink and full of life, oh how so badly i want to kiss them. "Yes babe?" "Oh sorry" i say blushing hard laying down next to him, rubbing over his tattoos. "I love you so much Sarai" "I love you Justin, forever and always my baby boy." I say cuddling next to him.

"I..Never mind." "Hm what is it Justin?" "I love you and i want to get married to you someday hopefully" He looks down blushing. "Awe Justin i want to marry you someday as well, don't ever be embarrassed to show your true feelings for someone"

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