Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


10. Bahama mama pt. 2

"Are you sure you don't need any help with that Justin?" I say nervously stepping out of the car. I mean who wouldn't be nervous to see their mother in like 5 or more months I have only been talking to my mother on the phone but never in person and it feels weird. "Yes Sarai, you are just trying to stall go in and talk to your mother okay baby girl?" He says walking over towards me kissing my forehead, "Ughh you know me too well" I say turning around and gently pressing the doorbell hoping my mom wouldn't have heard it giving me more time to figure out if I really want to even take this trip down to the Bahamas. "Sarai? Oh baby I missed you so much" She says gripping me tight, I hug back not wanting to ever let go, to tell her how sorry I am leaving her by herself and moving in with Justin.

"Hey miss..." "Just call me Melissa please" She says giving Justin a huge hug, not something I expected since she just met him. "Hi Miss Melissa nice to meet you finally" Justin says giving me a look, we all laugh and walk inside, the house looked the same, the same smell, taste, touch, almost like Ii never left. "So where is everyone else" I ask still admiring everything inside the house "They wont be here until later probably but we will be driving your aunt's car to the Airport and we won't leave until 11 or 12." "Sounds great" I say smiling.

"Justin did you want to put those bags in the upstairs room for the time remaining?" I say giving him the look that I need to talk to him. "Umm yea, could you help me?" he asks getting the hint. "Yea, mom we will be right back, me and Justin just have to put our things up." Ii say already heading up the stairs. "Okay love" Me and Justin walk into the room, i lock it after he comes inside. "What is it?" He asks stepping closer towards me. I fold my arms across my chest. "I just really want to get this trip over with, I already know my aunt is going to be throwing slick shots at me for running away with you and all." "Princess don't worry about that who cares about what your aunt says I LOVE YOU and that is all that matters even if you push me away I will still be here for you forever and always my Princess." I immediately smashed my lips into his feeling real emotion. 

"We better stop before we get caught" I say, "Yea save that for later mamacita" Justin says winking at me and and opening the door waiting for me to go out first. "Well it seems like your aunt is here, now we just have to wait for the others and for it to hit 11 so we can leave." "Sounds great..." I say looking outside the window watching my aunt grab her bags out the car so swiftly so sleek. And the hell starts in 3..2..1.."Ding Dong" "Umm I will get it" Justin says quickly getting up and opening the door. "Hey Meliss..., who are you?" Aunt Rosa says scrunching up her nose at disgust. "My boyfriend" I say staring at her waiting for her to say anything else smart. "Oh" she says walking past us to my mom giving her a hug.

Please god, please help me get past this trip without killing  or hurting anyone..

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