Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


1. Justin's Party Pt.1

"My mornings usually go something like this: I wake up at around 5 or 6 (depending on how I feel), make up my bed, brush my teeth, take a shower, I think you get the point, but today was...different. " Well how so?" you may be asking Well for starters I received  an unknown call at 3:00 in the morning, and since I'm very courageous I answer, nothing on the other end but heavy breathing..."

"What is that your writing in?" "Oh nothing just expressing some ideas for my art project." I hate lying to people especially my best friend Sarai, I give her a reassuring smile hoping she believed me. "Anyways I was hoping you would come to this party with me" she asked with her big brown pleasing eyes. "I don't know Sarai who's party is it?" "Umm Justin's"

"Yea umm no." I said closing my matte black padded notebook getting ready to walk away. "Why not?" "Are you serious?! Ii would make a total fool of myself." "Well promise me you will think about it because you are the only one out of all of my friends who actually have a car." "Yea sure but i have to get going my mom is expecting me to get home in time for dinner and if i don't she will send my nerves into overdrive." 

I hurry up and grab my things before she makes me have second guesses. The drive home is quiet as usual, i arrive home entering and setting all my things beside the front door. "Hey honey come grab a plate and sit for dinner i have some news to tell you." she looked at me with a nervous smile.

I grab a plate of the Chicken Alfredo and sit acting like i could care less of what she had to say but in reality i cared a lot of what she had to say. "Okay so you know we moved a couple months back...and im not making as much money as i would like at the book store..a-" "Mom just tell me what is it?" she takes a deep breath "We are moving to another home" she looks down at her feet shuffling them against the carpet. And me, I'm in shock. "No" I said quietly "NO" i said standing up and running t my room , shutting the door in the process. Many people don't understand how hard it is to move place to place very month making new friends and knowing that you would have to drop them the next month it's so hard to cope with things like this. 

My tears make the room look foggy, I pick up my phone and dial Sarai's number. "Hey Maria wassup?" "I'm going to the party." I say and hang up the phone and i start to get ready.

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