Reunion 2 - Mask of Treachery: Spies, Lies, Betrayal

Continuing from the events of Reunion Part 1, Jedi Master Kixi Rajki has learnt that her youngest sister Imogen, had indeed survived the devastating attack of her own world by dark lord and self proclaimed emperor Xiz'Jhan.

In continuing the quest to find her, she seeks the services of her supposedly trusted assassin friend Kes En'jusek, to recover a relic that will track down an ancient starfighter, the Câlder mit Arkhan Z, believed to be the key for her to journey back to her own galaxy, and once and for all reunite herself with her long lost sister...


Author's note

This story is not set in the KnM Blade Universe or my own created universe as is the case with KnM Blade: In Destiny's Way, KnM Blade: I Love You And You Love Me, The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin, and KnM Blade: Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal.

This is set in a cross universe of Star Wars and Stargate (Which I call KXU), with some of my own creations such as the Sajnan Confederate, (Not to be confused with the Sajnen Confederate in KnM Blade which is not the same), as well as characters with the same names such as Kixi Rajki, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, Kes En'jusek, Kajtia Xiz'injhürek just to name a few, (The characters with the same names in KnM Blade are not the same). The current stories in that series are; Times Arrow, Total Recall, Reunion Part 1: Entrapment, A Prelude to Chieade Lama (Not on, and A Cruel But Yet Deserving Punishment (Not on

Over time I intend to publish a handbook that differentiates between KnM Blade and Kixi Star Wars cross Stargate (KXU) in detail, featuring timelines for both, listing characters of both universes, and explaining the differences between the several characters that have the same names (Some with similar roles), between the two universes.

5. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.


As Kes walked down the narrow hallway, she pondered where Kixi might have gone. Knowing her habits, her first instinct was to check her bedroom; she made her way towards their living quarters that were isolated from the rest of the ship. She couldn't remember the last time she'd walked around the ship without wearing her long knee length black leather boots— it was both refreshing and exciting to feel the cold, metallic floors against her bare feet as they guided her across the ship in a familiar fashion.

Moving silently, she slipped through the hallways of the secluded rarely used part of Kixi's starship, in which she, as captain had deliberately chosen to have her personal quarters located at. She noted how Kixi had found the time to decorate her ship's private part, which was very much what she called home. Luminous tapestries covered the walls, and colourful handwoven rugs lined the corridors as Kes made her way past several unused rooms, each decorated with custom made furniture, rare objets d'art, and other unmistakable signs of wealth, which reminded Kes of the arrogant person of whom Kixi really was— the daughter of Hajkon Rajki, noble bloodline to her family lineage and the once politically powerful House of Rajki of the Sajnen Confederate. She took a moment to smile; the very thought of Lord Xiz'Jhan having obliterated every last inch of their existence and the enmity that had gone with it; gratifying in every sense. In the fullness of time, she would ensure that Kixi met a fate no different to that of the rest of the detestable likes of her family.

Kes paced slowly, almost taking her a full minute to traverse the length from where she had entered from, to the opposite side where Kixi's and Mako's quarters were located at. As she approached the door to their room, she knocked... but no answer came. No one was there, not even Mako.

Waiting silently for a few minutes, Kes began her thought process anew. She thought back to the argument between Kixi and Azalyn onboard the Dagger's Edge, and how immaturely Kixi had handled the verbal assault for as long as she had; she thought about how appalled she was at Kixi's behaviour. She stopped for a moment on the fact that, despite her initial objections, Kixi's arrogance and total disrespect for the other, had convinced her beyond all doubt, just how much she hated her, and that when the time finally came, that brutally eliminating the Jedi Knight would be totally justified.




Kixi wandered through various lowly illuminated corridors of her ship, poking her head in each room. Most remained empty and dark. A few of them contained a crew member here and there, but most remained deserted. And now that Kixi was thinking about it, the ship seemed a little more desolate than usual. It's not like anyone could leave to go explore the cold vacuum of space outside. That would just be suicide without boarding another ship or wearing a spacesuit, and no one had any real reason to take leave. She assumed everyone was trying to get as much rest as possible, in view of the fact that if everything went according to plan, there would be plenty of work for all to do.

As far as getting much needed rest went, Kixi herself was by no means exempt. She needed timeout— from everyone, Mako included. Knowing exactly where to go, she let go of a long held in sigh, then slowly meandered over to the transport shuttle she had used to fly over to the Dagger's Edge.

She sat in the pilot's seat for a few minutes, just staring at the display, her eyes unseeing. She was simply contemplating everything that had happened and had led her to the current moment. It had been a crazy couple of days. The upcoming mission to search for her sister Imogen would by far, be one of her most ambitious undertakings to date. It would be strenuously demanding, yet she was confident that it was doable, as long as Kes and Raven succeeded in their initial mission.

Just as she was about to hit the button to raise the ship's ramp, she heard the sound of footsteps quickly walking up it. Kixi swiveled her chair around, and to her surprise, Kes stood there, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Did you forget something, Kes?" Kixi asked clearing her throat, curiously fixing her gaze over her former assassin and raising an eyebrow.

"No. I came to check up on you. You didn't seem yourself earlier." She said, her voice genuinely sincere, and walking a bit closer to the Jedi. "I couldn't find you anywhere so decided to check here— and now here you are. Are you okay Kixi?" Kes asked resting her chin on her hand. Her false-hearted concerns for the Jedi proving more than convincing, just as it had on many an occasion.

"I just wanted to be alone for a little while— from everybody including Mako, so I figured that I could hide here in this ship for a bit." Kixi jutted her bottom lip out as she let out a sigh, redirecting the air-flow to her long bangs. For that brief moment, her blonde hair fanned upwards before resettling just over her eyes. Her sigh was of a softly deflating; it was as if a tension had lifted, yet left her with a melancholy instead of relief.

“Oh... I'm so sorry for intruding." Kes said clearing her throat and leaning back slightly. "Would you like me to leave?”

Kixi stared into her friend's eyes for a long moment, and Kes almost repeated her question. Finally, Kixi looked up with a tiny smile, "No... stay," she said, "if you like of course." Her voice was soft, and a bit strained, like someone had hit her in the gut and she was still recovering.

Kes heard a faint gasp. Then, silence followed.

Kixi sniffed, a ghost of a smile flickered across her face. She sighed and rose from the pilot's chair. The transport shuttle craft featured its own bathroom, as well as several small cabin rooms.

"You're a good friend Kes." Kixi said placing a warm hand over Kes' shoulder. Seconds later, Kes found herself tingling with excitement; the soft delicate feel of Kixi's hand stimulating that sensation, as Kixi had taken her hand and began leading her back out of the cockpit.

"I'm a bit lost in my thoughts," she said letting go of Kes' hand. "Please excuse me a moment. I'll be back in a minute." She added, giving her a faint smile as she then toiled straight past her heading for the shuttle's bathroom.

As Kixi glanced into the mirror, she paused and frowned slightly; her cheeks were wet and her eyes puffy. She must have dozed off again, shedding tears again in her sleep and not realised. Her blonde hair stuck to her face, her beautiful sea-blue eyes seemed lifeless and desperate; she was paler than usual. It happened often; even though she didn't always remember her dreams, she could always tell what she was dreaming about: her father's death, the destruction of the family palace, losing all the people she'd grown up with and loved—losing all but one; her younger sister Imogen.

"If only I could find her…" She sighed again, talking to herself, as she brushed her hair and washed her face. "It's going to haunt me until tonight. Today has already been a long stressful day…"

Sliding the door shut behind her, she walked across to one of the large windows located in one of the shuttle's cabins. From there, she used the Force to stretch her field of vision outside, and across the MXS Morihei Ueshiba's sizeable unoccupied hangar bay. Silently, she glazed out toward the faint blue shimmer of the bay's containment field that prevented those inside like herself, from being sucked out into the vacuum of space.

Standing there in solitude, she looked up at the countless number of stars and celestial objects that lit the blackness of space in the sky. With her head thrown back, she felt the pull of her throat muscles, and wondered, whether the peculiar solemnity of looking at the sky came not from what one contemplated, but from the uplift of one's head.

Wandering back to the door, she was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't even heard the soft knock-knock-knocking on the door. Eventually though, as her focus shifted away from her pensive state and back to reality, she did hear what had to be the softest knock possible coming from the other side of the door.

Her confusion was stifled when she heard a pleasant voice on the other side, her thoughts prompting her memory that Kes had come looking for her earlier, and was still there waiting.

"Kixi?" Kes whispered. "What are you doing all alone in there?" Her voice soft and concerned.

Kixi's alertness snapped in an instant; realising at the same time that her palms were sweaty. She frantically wiped them on the skin of her exposed legs, before slowly opening the door.

Upon opening the door, Kixi breathed a sigh of relief as she was met by wide sea green eyes, and a tangled mop of brownish hair.

“Kes... I'm so very sorry. I left you waiting." Kixi responded making a pained, sympathetic face. "That was very inconsiderate of me seeing that you came here caring about my well being. Your friendship means a lot to me Kes.”

Kes could sense Kixi's vulnerability as they stood staring at each other. In her best attempts to remain subtle which was more than adequate, Kes could feel the promiscuity of the situation— waiting— patiently— to seize the situation at the expense of an oblivious Kixi Rajki who's thoughts lay elsewhere, and pounce like a vulture in lure of her prey.

"Can I, er, come in?" Kes finally said nervously.

Kixi became conscious of her thin tank top and shorts, having put those on after she had left Mako from her quarters, gesturing for Kes to enter. She had been in the shuttle for some time. Only now had become aware that prior to having boarded the smaller spacecraft, that she had leisurely been wandering through her battleship's narrow hallways donning those very clothes, feeling somewhat awkward.

As Kes shuffled past her, their hands touched, and this time it was Kixi who felt a spark of warmth spread from her fingertips to her toes. She took a deep breath an turned to see that Kes had done the same. With a slight smirk, she leaned backwards against the cabin's door until it shut with a soft click.

Kixi walked back by the window, while Kes watched Kixi's tall silhouette as she stood by the window, her figure and soft feminine curves outlined with radiant silver light. Kixi reattuned to her senses, felt Kes' stare and looked over her shoulder at her friend.

“So Kes, my good friend, what brings you here?”

“I, er, I wanted, um...”

Kes trailed off and looked at her feet. Kixi always found her nervousness endearing and started to step towards her. Since the day they had met, Kixi had always treated Kes with the uttermost of respects. No matter what the situation, Kixi always made much effort to accommodate her— oblivious— the needs of her trustworthy friend who could do no wrong.

"Kes is everything okay? Is there something you would like to tell me?" Kixi asked brushing a hand past her ear and playing with a loose strand of hair.

"Maybe I could just show you." Kes said taking one long stride closing the distance between her and Kixi. She pressed their bodies together against the window side wall, and let their breaths mingle for a split second before kissing her.

“Kes?" Kixi's voice was soft and nervous and she knew Kes had caught it. "What are you doing?”

“It was only just a kiss." Kes smiled, soft and affectionately, "—to make you feel better.”

Kixi blushed just slightly. "Look, I know I'm a little down at the moment, but there is no need to... uh, get carried away and—"

“You're such a sweet girl to me Kixi," Kes interrupted, looking up at her. "I just want to let you know how much I appreciate it, and therefore wanna support you in these hard stressful times," Kes continued sincerely, sympathetically— perfidiously . "Will you return my kiss... now that you've relaxed and let your sorrowful tears out?”

Kixi bent forward to kiss Kes' brownish hair. She pressed her lips to her head, feeling Kes grip her wrists tightly.

"A real kiss this time," Kes pleaded softly.

Kixi froze, her face crushed against the cool brown hair. She hesitated, pushed herself away and held Kes' face in her hands. "Wasn't that kiss enough?"

Kes shook her head, her fingers still strong around Kixi's wrists. Smoky green eyes that betrayed immoral fantasies blazed up at her.

Kixi faltered, her mind raced with a panic that pounded suddenly in her ears. She closed her mind to an image of what those emerald eyes were thinking about, and where this awkward moment might lead. Tenderly, Kixi returned her gaze with her utmost composure and leaned forward.

"I think I might go retire to my quarters for a little while. I'm feeling a little exhausted. Kiss me before I go back, Kes," she proffered lovingly.

Kes took Kixi's face in her hands as she closed her eyes willingly. Kes vacillated, suddenly abashed and uneasy, "You don't really want a kiss, do you?"

Kixi kept her eyes closed, impatient, "I want you to kiss me so I can go back to my quarters and rest, Kes. I've had a fairly emotional day."

"You can rest here with me, if you like." Kes smirked.

Kixi's eyebrows raised up. "Kes! Mako will be very pissed off if—"

"I only wanna rest. I wasn't implying anything that would be inappropriate and all." Kes again interrupted steading eye contact with Kixi, waggling her eyebrow.

“Well thanks for your kind caring offer Kes, but I'll be okay back in my quarters.”

“Can... Um... Kixi can I hold your hand?”

“My hand? You want to hold it? Why?”

“I just want to... I need a little loving that's all Kixi.”

“You sure everything is okay Kes? I mean you would tell me right?”

"Of course and nothing is wrong." Kes responded assuringly.

"Here then. My hand." Kixi offered while emitting a long, deep audible breath expressing tiredness.

Kes took it and placed the tip of her thumb over the top of Kixi's hand. From there she fondled her thumb over Kixi's smooth hand, then thumb to thumb and finally over the top of Kixi's long fingers. Eventually she formed a small fist from Kixi's hand, pecking it as she brought it up to her lips.

Opening up Kixi's hand again, Kes hesitated for the briefest of seconds, before reaching up to hold the Jedi's long fingers against her cheek, prompting Kixi to stare deeply into Kes' eyes, as the two locked gazes for a good long minute.

"Again? I mean, what do you think your doing Kes?" Kixi finally said, her voice became a husky, erotic whisper.

“Nothing," she looked away, embarrassed, "You just looked quite sweet when you smiled just now. It made me happy, that's all.”

"Kes please don't do this." Kixi exclaimed as she sat down on the bed, now fully aware of Kes' prurience.

“Why?" Kes reached our her hand smoothing out Kixi's blonde bobbed hair, "I forgot what it means to be happy. That seems like such a distant memory.”

"You... You know why Kes. With a sigh she lifted her hair off her neck, and let the breeze from the fan she had asked the computer to turn on blow across her skin. She should've put her hair up. It would've been so much cooler.

"Why deny your feelings Kixi?" Kes once again reached for Kixi's hair. She wrapped a lock of her hair around her finger, pulling at it gently, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in Kixi's scalp, ultimately sending the tingling pleasure down her back.

“Kes... I... I'm finding it hard—”

“Kixi, don't be in denial. After all you freely gave me your hand before.”

“I know but—”

“Just be quiet Kixi, you know you want to." Kes cut off her protests by placing her index finger over Kixi's lips. "Shush.”

Kixi's eyes widened, yet any potential protests on her part were immediately dealt with by Kes taking her hand, and gently pecked at it. Kes understood all to well how to arouse the same woman that she was so bent on eventually killing.

Kes pressed her body fully against Kixi's, the full touch of her body sent a shudder racing through Kixi's.

With each of her hands, she took a hold of Kixi's. Lifting both her arms upwards, she pressed them both against the wall; hers then pressing over Kixi's, the two bodies pressed together, like a shadow of each other.

It was time for Kes to focus on Kixi's erogenous zones; focus her sensual touch on locations with the smoothest skin. The upper inner arms would be first, as more sensitive nerve endings would be present in regions with thinner skin. With palms wide open, Kes gently rubbed her hands up and down the length of Kixi's arms; Kixi held her breath as her muscles clenched rhythmically.

Kes' hands then turned into balls of fist, the skin on the outside of her fingers below her outer knuckles continued to move up and down the length of Kixi's arms; smooth skin over smooth skin. Moving her head to the left of Kixi, she pecked the smoothness of Kixi's beautiful inner arm, repeating the same action over Kixi's right arm in quick succession.

With their bodies still pressed tightly against one another, Kes continued to purposely brush her hands, arms, and hips against Kixi's body. Stopping only for a glimmer of a moment to lace her fingers with Kixi's, Kes passionately buried her attractive fallen lips into Kixi's.

By now rhythmic gaspy-chuffy noises could be heard from both girls; their bellies rose and fell sharply with the sounds.

"Kes... I can't do this— shouldn't be doing this. Please stop. I love Mako and she loves me." Kixi pointlessly tried pleading, glancing at Kes, her heart skipping a couple of beats. She stood there, body to body with Kes, both their forms glistened in the soft starlight that now filtered through the exit of the Ueshiba's hangar bay, and into the shuttle's window.

"I know, and it's okay. You can love her, but why deny your other desires. You want to touch me, just like I want to touch you." Kes said breathing heavily, placing the tip of her thumb gently over Kixi's lips, slowly twirling it over and around her smooth glossy lips.

"No... I can't." Kixi said futilely trying to move her head away. Yet Kes quickly found a solution to persuade the Jedi otherwise. With her other hand, she ran the tip of her thumb across Kixi's perfectly straight nose, pecked at it, before moving that same hand under her bangs, lifting her hair and kissing her smooth forehead. Unmistakably Kixi's eyes displayed a burning desire to want to kiss Kes, and Kes saw it, urging Kixi on.

"That's it Kixi. Don't deny your true feelings. Kes said lifted her hips slightly, placing a kiss on her nose. Whispering as she lowered her mouth back to Kixi's. Against her lips, she continued. "I won't deny you your feelings..." Kes nipped at her lower lip.

Taking in a deep, steadying breath, Kes moved her body off of Kixi, winking an eye over her shoulder as she walked over to a small cabinet. Opening the cabinet's doors, she found exactly what she sought. Candles, which she littered the top of the cabin's bed's two bedsides, lighting them up. She knew that Kixi loved candlelight, and the scent that filled the room whenever burning them was heaven.

"Computer, turn the lights off completely." The lights turned off at Kes' command, letting the flames light the room in soft flickering light. Still standing by the bed, Kes beckoned Kixi toward her with a quick hand movement. Kixi's stomach fluttered as she walked over to where Kes patiently awaited, bent her head down and placed a feather-soft kiss against the side of Kes' neck.

In response, Kes threw her head back with a groan, then once more took Kixi's hand and placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand. Turning her hand over, she placed her own hand on top; palm to palm, then slowly slid her hand down to the inside of Kixi's wrist, feeling her hard pumping pulse through the tips of her fingers.

An excited feeling: Kes' warped thoughts entered her mind for the briefest of seconds. She felt a shiver down her spine at the prospect of one day feeling the wrist of the very same person; after killing her; devoid of any life signs.

Smiling, Kes trailed the back of her fingers down Kixi's arm, sending goosebumps over Kixi's flesh. Kixi's cute, rakish grin made Kes' heart fluttered in her chest, as she pulled with her away from the bed and in the centre of the room.

Kixi dropped her forehead down to Kes' shoulder. Breathing her, and feeling her heartbeat close to hers, she realised that Kes' soft gentle touch was on par with that of Mako's.

Kes' lips landed on hers in a kiss that nearly made her knees buckle. Wow Kes could kiss as good as Mako could she finally realised. Kixi slid her arms around her neck and held tight as she tried to move Kes' body closer to hers. The heat of Kes' flesh seeped into hers, making her hot.

Kixi's lips parted and her breaths became shorter, shallower as Kes turned to stand behind her.

Kes kept her hands at her waist, holding her steady as she lowered her lips to her neck.

Kixi's lips twitched. She was too sated for a full smile. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her bobbed hair. Kes grasped her hand and kissed her palm. The gesture made Kixi's heart skip yet another beat. It was so sweet and something she wasn't used to from anyone other than Mako.

Kes reached out and brushed the back of her fingers over Kixi's cheek. As Kixi slowly turned back around to face Kes, Kes gave her a provocative pose. Suddenly Kixi felt a frenzied hormonal rush hit her. Kes had done it— Kixi now wanted her badly and naturally began to act on impulse.

Kixi rubbed her lips seductively over Kes' lips. "Kes, oh Kes..." She panted pulling back, placing her hand over her heart, and taking deep rapid breaths.

"Yes say my name Kixi, say it loud cos you want me." Kes urged Kixi on, her smile seductive.

"Yes.. KES! OH KES." Kixi's lips once again crashed into Kes'. Deep and passionate, their tongues began to touch; the kiss lasting a good minute or so.

"That's very good Kixi. Now unleash your desire for more. I'm all yours Kixi." Kes continued to speak in a soft seductive voice; passionately staring into Kixi's deep blue eyes.

"Oh Kes... Fuck... Kes!" Kixi's lips again crashed onto Kes' and in a single heartbeat they were passionately kissing, this time not stopping.

“KES, KES" Kixi repeatedly said between moans. They kept kissing; both moaning, breathing heavily; passionately. "KES, OH KES. You're so damn fucking beautiful.”

Eventually Kixi pulled back, cupping Kes' cheeks with her hands. Kes' eyes sparkled, the corners of her mouth slid upwards as Kixi stared at her in amazement.

"Kes. Kes. Kes. Kes. Keeeeeeees! Yes I fucking damn want you!" Wild heat cursed through her with the feel of her lips wrapping around the tip of Kes' breast.

"That's right keep saying my name and kiss me. I'm all yours Kixi, you hear that ALL YOURS!" Those words once more sent Kixi crashing her lips over Kes' seductive lips.

After another minute that seemed an eternity passed, Kixi pulled back raising a hand. She then moved her fingers horizontally through her hair starting from right above her brows, went through the hair, reaching as far behind as to one of her ears.

"Please excuse me for just a tad Kes. I've got a bottle of Alderaanian Emera wine here on this shuttle. I'm just gonna go get it." Kixi winked an eye pecking Kes' neck.

Less than a minute later she returned, bottle in hand and had already been drinking from it. Kes took it from her, kissing her quickly on the lips as she did, sculling the remaining half of the bottle down. Kes couldn't help let out a slight burp as she dropped the bottle to the floor, prompting Kixi to chuckle as she kicked the empty bottle away from under their feet.

"Kiss my neck again. It felt so good." Kes said giggling and exposing her neck to Kixi.

"For you Kes, anything." Kes bent over Kixi, her lips coming closer to Kixi's. They tasted like the wine she'd been drinking, tangy and tinged with apple and citrus. Kes opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around Kixi's. After Kixi had seated herself down on the bed, Kes followed suit, running her hands up her top.

"You do get a little more slutty when you drink." Kixi said, surprised at how frisky Kes was getting.

"Oh, come on, Kixi. I wanna find out more about you." Kes said, barely opening her eyes. Her hand explored underneath Kixi's bra and groped her breast. Kixi pulled Kes on top of her and pressed her hips up into her. Kixi noticed how light she was then; also on par with Mako, which turned her on more.

Kixi's head was now swimming with the alcohol. She reached down between their bodies and began to rub Kes through her jeans, now taking note that she wasn't wearing her usual knee height long black boots. "Hey Kes love, where are your boots... I love your boots... They're just like what Mako wears except hers are brown."

"Oh that's so cute Kixi..." She answered, her hair brushing against Kixi's cheek. "I'll make sure I wear them more often, just for you." She said then kissing Kixi long and deeply, their tongues dancing. As Kes then rolled off of Kixi and began winding her hair in a messy bun, she couldn't help think of Mako in her jeans and similar brown knee height boots. The soothing thought; How she hated Mako even more than Kixi, that she hoped that when the time came to kill them both, that Mako donned those boots, just so she could slide them off her dead body and wear them herself.

"Are you still horny?" Kes asked looking back at Kixi, giggling, as she laid her hands on Kixi's hips.

"What do you think?" Kixi asked back sarcastically, sitting up slightly.

"Well, come here then." She said throwing her a seductive glance.

"Oh you wanna keep teasing me?" Kixi accused.

"Come on, Kixi. You know you want to do more." Kes teased further by shaking her hips lightly as she spoke. There was no denying it now that Kixi did want more; that she wanted Kes to fuck her brains out.

This time, Kes pulled Kixi under her body. She ran her hands down in between Kixi's thighs and gave her a long kiss. Kes backed up and began unbuttoning Kixi's shorts. She let Kes continue, so Kes kissed a trail down Kixi's tummy as Kes slowly slid Kixi's shorts down. Kixi was wearing a hot pink, nearly sheer g-string with hearts on it. Very cute. Kixi tugged at her shorts and Kes helped her out of them. Kixi's cute little g-string stayed on. Kes grazed her fingernails along Kixi's skin, over her hip bones and slowly started to pull her g-string down, continuing her kissing trail towards Kixi's neatly trimmed pubic hair. Kes kissed the top of her slit and pulled her g-string all the way off.

Kixi moaned and stroked Kes' hair. Encouraged, Kes continued and stuck her tongue in Kixi's slit. Kes could feel Kixi's clit instantly. It was moist and warm and she tasted of strawberries. Kes used her tongue to give Kixi a massage between her clit and the pink puffy skin that formed each lip. Kixi moaned again and spread her legs further. Her slit opened up to Kes, revealing her glistening wetness. Kes used her finger to trace the top of Kixi's clit to the bottom of her vagina, then she pushed inside.

“Oh Kes!" Kixi moaned. "Kes, Kes, fucking... Kes!”

"Kixi!" Kes instinctively moaned back.

Kes moved her finger in and out and gave Kixi's clit plenty of attention. Kixi began to buck against Kes' finger and face, so Kes swirled her tongue around her clit and massaged it in a circular motion with her thumb.

Kixi moaned and gripped Kes' hair tighter, which she loved. Kes twisted her finger around while pushing it in and out of Kixi like she was being fucked by a man. Kixi's legs opened further, and her vagina began to flow with her sweet honey. Kes lapped it up from her hand, and moved her tongue to replace her finger. Kes slid her tongue back up to Kixi's clit, and took it into her mouth. She then sucked on it, and rolled it around with her tongue.

Kixi's back arched, and Kes knew she was getting close. Kixi's breathing was getting shorter, and every breath was either a gasp or mixed with a soft moan. Kes wanted her to cum for her so bad— more to spite Mako if anything, so she put her finger back into Kixi's vagina and curled it inside of her towards the front of her tummy. Kes licked her clit up and down as she finger fucked her. Kixi gasped in each breath and moaned long and deep.

Kixi's vagina gushed more juice onto Kes' finger and hand, and she moved her tongue to lick it up. Kixi bucked once more against Kes' face and then shuddered. Her muscles twitched and she let out another long moan. She called out Kes' name; Kes thought she would cum herself just hearing that. Kixi's voice so melodious and sweet.

Kes got up to wipe her face off, but Kixi insisted on kissing her first. Kixi let her lips linger on Kes' for a long moment.

"You don't have to reciprocate just yet." Kes said smirking at Kixi. Kixi smiled and told her that if they ever did this again, that the next time she couldn't wait to taste her instead.

Kes' hand cradled Kixi's cheek, pushing her closer to her, effortlessly opening her mouth,
deepening their subsequent kiss.

Kixi pulled back with a light smack of their lips, smiling at the attractive assassin woman. Her thumb rubbed Kes' jawbone tenderly, gazing into her hazel eyes with unconcealed adoration.

"Yes we will definitely do this again. After my mission with Raven. After we succeed, I'll give you more than what you want me to get for you in that mission. I'll let you taste me and fuck my brains out, because that's what you really want Kixi." Kes said with a light laugh, giggling girlishly when Kixi's eyes lit up happily.

Kes blushed and decided to ask a question she had wondered for a while now. "Did you ever... feel weird, being with me?"


“With another girl other than Mako... Did you... Feel a bit... I don't know, odd?”

“Nope." Kixi said, without missing a beat. Kes was surprised at her sudden, and instantaneous response. "Why would I?" Kixi asked, smiling at Kes. "After all, perfection itself is a girl... which is exactly what you are.”

Kes went a dark red colour.

"Why, do you?" Kixi asked.

“I'm a lesbian just like you Kixi. I know I pleasured you today, but you'll never actually love me like you love your girlfriend Mako.”

“You're still a special friend Kes— Have been since the day I met you running away from the authorities on Bestin, and ultimately saved you from them. Sure you're not Mako, but you do mean a lot to me Kes.”

“And likewise." Kes smiled, placing a hand on Kixi's hand, looking at her with love. "You're right. It feels a bit weird, that I'm not your girlfriend, but that I'm still special to you. I can get used it quickly... Because in the end, I still got you Kixi.”

"Why thank you Kes, that was so very sweet of you." The sound of Kixi's voice was as soothing to the tongue as chocolates.

“Now come, lay your head on my shoulder Kixi and go to sleep.”

Kixi turned and curled up beside Kes as she blew out the candle on the bedstand. Wrapping her arms tightly around Kes' waist, Kixi sunk her head into her throat, smelling her perfumed skin and hair.

Kes returned Kixi's embrace and settled against the cool pillows, Kixi's chin resting on Kes' head. Kes' fingers stroked Kixi's hair and traced imaginary patterns across her pale face.

Entwined in their embrace, Kes waited as Kixi fell restlessly into a light slumber, before drifting off fully asleep.

Now that Kixi was fast asleep, Kes continued to hold her in her arms. Snaking her smooth forearm around Kixi's neck, Kes slowly began reciting the following words in her mind. "You have no idea how much I really hate you Kixi. No fucking idea. Yet I love your body. If I could kill you now, this would have been the perfect opportunity to snap your neck clean."

Kes breathed softly but heavily, eventually removing her forearm from Kixi's neck and gently putting her head back on her pillow. "All in good time I will kill you Kixi," she moved her messy bangs, pecking her forehead. "And when I do, I will first make you watch me slowly torture and murder your previous Mako."

She took Kixi's hand and again kissed it gently before placing it back down beside her sleeping form. "But until then I'll not only pretend to be your friend, but I'll let you do more. I'll satisfy your sexual desires because it's quite clear you have feelings for me."

Kes turned her head toward Kixi's sleeping form, a smile tugging at her lips. She leaned forward to softly press her lips to hers. "Make sure you have sweet dreams about me. After all, as far as I'm concerned, my fucking body is a lot better than Mako's."

Kes slowly headed for the door, blowing Kixi a kiss as she openy the door to step out. "You're so dumb and stupid, Kixi." She said as she closed the door shut behind her. "Now to find Mako and give her a little beating for acting all tough in front of Azalyn." She softly murmured out, smiling with a malicious glee.

Kes' hatred towards Kixi was an understatement as far as hating Mako was concerned. If Kixi was dumb, Mako was dumber. In knowing how much Kixi loved her, it gave Kes much pleasure in hurting Mako, knowing how much it would shatter her mentally if she were to learn the truth. For now, Mako would never speak up; couldn't speak up given the complex circumstances if she did. Kixi would go on a rampage, with the possibility of turning to the dark side— again. It put Mako in a powerless situation to act, and not being strong enough to defend against Kes, she had to endure the regular punishments that Kes handed out to her when no one was watching.

A devilish grin appeared across Kes' face. She had enjoyed making out with Kixi; now she would enjoy beating up Kixi's babe— Mako. Contemplating her thoughts, at least she knew how to make the most of things in having to live and work on the same ship as 'dumb and dumber.'

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