The Summer Camp Boys

Mature Content.
One summer I was sent off to camp and found more than a friend, then found another.
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3. Part 3 – The Farm Boy with a Smile

 Billy (the farm boy) that I met at summer camp, (in parts 1&2) he had now got his own driver’s license and showed up at my house. Just seeing him knocking at the door and him standing there with his key-ring on his finger and that big smile of his, I knew what was up. I had went to visit him when I got my new driver’s license and he now shows up at my house with his. All this gave me that “I got a good friend” feeling and it was great. He was very excited about his new driver’s license and having his ma’s old car. He said he just wanted to show me some areas he found, were we could maybe “be together”.

 I then just said; “OK Billy” He then grabbed my sleeve and pulled me out the front door. I just then called back to my ma, “I’m heading out ma, to try out a friend’s new car!”

 As we drove along Billy talked on and on about getting his driver’s license and his mom giving him her car. We then stopped and parked on the shoulder, kind of in some shrubs at a railroad crossing. This was just down the country road from his place. “Come on Jon, I’ll show you something!” He said, as we started walking down the tracks. Billy then also started to tell me about how he’s been thinking about me a lot lately. We then arrived at a small path and he said; “Come on Jon, this way.” Grabbing my hand, he leads me up the path to where I see kind of an old junk yard.

 “See Jon” He said, he then told me about how he had found this old farmers back-lot, filled with junk, old machinery and stuff. After a few minutes of us just walking along holding hands, he turned to me, smirking and said; “Right here Jon” It was really nice too, like a private room, you could tell he had been there earlier by the way it looked. He had some blankets spread out, between a few old 55-gallon barrels and the old machinery, it was great! No one could see us from anywhere there and with the nice warm sun shining down on us, boy it was nice!

 Billy then lad down on the blankets and put his arms up to me. “Come on man!” I knelt down with my knees on both sides of him, leaned forward and put my lips on his. After a lot of hot kissing, Billy asked if I could please “do him up the ass.” He then even told me he loves doing it a home with the dildo he recently got. He then told me he even brought some lube along for us! At that time with us both still in our teens, it’s going to be interesting!

 It was almost funny how excited Billy was about it all, telling me how he found out you can just spit on your cock to lube it or just get some lube. That boy always makes me feel good about my own “horny” self! He must think about sex as often as I do. I then did tell him how I always wanted to try that sort of thing but, never got a chance to. Then after another long deep kiss we both started to get undressed. Me of course, still looking around to make sure no one was watching us. I found out later that the land was owned by an old retired farmer, that Billy knew.

 After Billy was undressed, (with him still laying there) he rolled over and looked up at me standing there above him. He saw I was now naked and was also hard as a rock! “Jon your hard already, you can start on me OK?” He then quickly got on his hands & knees and aimed his cute tight ass right at me. I started to lube up my cock some, slowly stroking the lube onto my now super hard cock and him just smiling back at me. While still on his all fours, Billy then put his hand between legs with his middle finger stuck out, he looked back at me, him still smiling. I got the hint and squirted some lube onto his finger. He then put some around his hole and pushed a little in with that middle finger of his. “Let’s do it Jon.” He said grinning. Me just watching him slowly lubing his ass-hole with his finger, made me hornier!

 I then got on my knees and slowly pushed my rock-hard cock into that sweet hole of his. Billy just started moaning; “Fuck me Jon, deep as you can.” At first, I slowly pumped it into him but then, with him saying how much he loved it, I started to pump faster and faster. “Harder Jon, faster man!” He yelled out but, soon after that is when I lost my load! My cock spit some in him and with me quickly pulling it out, lost the rest on the crack of his ass. “Just awesome Jon!” Billy said this as he turned around and licked the dripping cum from my cock. “Did it feel good man?” I asked, as Billy licked and sucked the rest of the leftover cum from the tip of my throbbing pecker. “Sure, the fuck did man!”

 “Let me try it now” He said, so I then just rolled over on to my back, on the blankets and put my feet up in the air, holding up my legs with my hands. “I’ve seen it done this way on a video” I said, as I looked up at him lubing up that long thin sexy cock of his and with a big smile on his face. Looking at that boy, through my legs, with my cock now still dripping and starting to soften up, I said; “Take your time now Billy, I’m not used to this.” Billy smiled again, shook his head “yes” at me and then leaned forward and give a little kiss. He then leaned back some, just gave my hole a little lick or two, then sat back. What a feeling that was. Him then smiling at me again and he lubed up my hole some. As I watched as that long, thin sexy cock of his kept getting harder and harder.

 “You were nice to me Jon, don’t worry I’ll take my time.” He said, as he then slowly starts to push it into me. This being my first time, it felt odd (like using the toilet, well… you know what I mean) it hurt some at first but then it felt awesome! Especially with me seeing that cute, sexy boys face in front of me.  He slowly pushed it in and out of me and him also holding my legs up. It sure was feeling good but, then the wild part happened! Us still only being some fifty feet from those railroad tracks and me looking at Billy’s face, with him biting his lip… It happened.

 I heard a train coming! As the train gets closer and closer, louder and louder and the wild vibrating of everything… 😊 It all made Billy then starts pumping it in me harder and harder. With all this at the same time he said! “Fuck Jon, I’m going to lose it!” With him fucking me the first time, all that vibration and such cute boy! Wow, I loved it! I then felt his cream go into me! I let my legs rest his shoulders for a minute as he slowly pulled out that long thin cock of his. I soon sat up and gave him a long kiss with a very tight hug. Me still feeling that long, thin cock of his, dripping onto my tummy.  

 He told me later that this had been a dream of his, since the last time we met up! Simply, to get fucked first time and by me and maybe being able to fuck me at least just once! Just the way he said it, sort of made me laugh but, also made me feel really good inside. 😉

End of Part 3    

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