The Summer Camp Boys

Mature Content.
One summer I was sent off to camp and found more than a friend, then found another.
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2. Part 2 – The Farm Boy


It was the time when I finally got my drivers license, I headed out in my old-junky pick-up that my dad gave me. (And I did love it!) I headed out to the summer camp road where I had met Ethan and the farm boy, Billy that time. (Read about it in my 1st “Summer Camp” story) I then slowed down and stopped, to look over the cornfield, the place I got together with those two cute boys. Mmmm, wish I were there again.

 I then drove around the next bend in the road and saw the farm where “I think” Billy said he came from. So, I slowed down and stopped at the end of the long driveway. To my surprise, another car pulled up behind me and stopped, a boy jumped out, said good-by to the giggling girls inside and then they drove away. Was that Billy?

 I was very happy to see it was Billy standing there, smiling at me. He then said; “I don’t remember your name, (then whispered) but I do remember the taste of you cock” Then he looked around, bent over, stuck his head in the window and gave me a little kiss. We talked a while, he showed me where to park and took me up to the house. There he gave me a soda and said that there’s no one else around. I then asked about the girls I saw. He said: “Those the girls you saw me with are just my sisters and there going shopping. They’ll be gone for hours”. He then just laughs.

 He then said; “Let me show you some of the farm”. He showed me were they milked the cows. Then said; “I’ll show you were we keep all the hay”. (With a wink) We went up the stairs and then climbed a ladder up to the top of all that hay! Was it hot way up there. At the far end of the barn, there was a small window, a nice breeze and a blanket lying there on the hay.

 Being so hot up there. I just sat there, looking out the window, felt the nice breeze, turned around and saw Billy standing there, with his shirt off, smiling at me. You could see the big hard-on he had in his jeans! I said; “Are you kind of horny?” Billy just said; “Fuck ya”!

 Of course, I was horny too. (Like I am all day) He then pretty much jumped over the blanket, grabbed me and started a long deep-tongue kiss. Boy, was that boy horny!! We then sat down on the blanket, Billy then pulled my shirt up over my head and started licking my nipples. He almost bit one off and that’s how I knew he was a super horny boy!

 I then looked down and started on his jeans, it was a job too, he had pair with the 4 or 5 buttons that you had to undo. Then wow, he had no underwear on and his cock just jumped out at me. Dam nice cock too, mine is just kind of standard but his, long and thin! He can even lick-it himself and boy does that make me horny just seeing that!

 I quick then undid my jeans and pulled off my underwear. My fat every-day cock jumped out too. (I think it was harder than ever with that boy in front of me) With my pants off, I went back to his nipples, worked them and made my way down to his tight abs. Then took in that long hard cock of his. With him that horny, I thought I best do him first. I worked hard at it too. With it that long, I did take most of it in, then sometimes I would start to chock and pulled some out. Tried not to think about it too much and took the whole thing in! He then just yelled out; “Jon, I’m losing it, here it comes!” I then pulled it half way out and sucked down the cum. Some even drooled out the corner of my mouth, sure was hot and tasty! 😊

  “Love ya Jon” Billy said. “Let’s get you done” He push me back and he laid on my legs and started in on my cock. He’d take it in and out, faster and faster. Then I just lost it. He then pulled his mouth off my cock and just licked the tip. My cum went everywhere, all over his face, dripping down the sides of my cock and he just started licking it up! You could tell he loves that taste! (I do too!)

 We laid there on the blanket awhile, just resting, he then told me some stuff about himself, that did kind of embarrassed me. How since we met in that cornfield that time, he’s been horny about me ever since. I know I then turned red, do to that I never looked at myself that way before. He also showed me the lube and dildo he had up there in the barn. All I could think about was him, thinking about me so much. Mm?

 We got together many more times after that. It always worker out, because we were both always horny, that’s for sure! 😉

  End of Part 2

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