The Summer Camp Boys

Mature Content.
One summer I was sent off to camp and found more than a friend, then found another.
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1. Part 1 - The Boys Meet at Camp


 Back when I was just in my teens, my Ma begged me to go to a 4-day camp. I tried to talk my way out of it, but I went anyway.  What surprised me later was I was going to really like it! As we took off, I waved goodbye to my Ma and then looked around on the bus. Most everybody looked happy to go, all talking and laughing. That’s when I saw the boy upfront staring at me. Boy was he “good looking” too! I then looked out the window for a while then looked up and he was still looking at me and now smiling.

 When we got there and they told us to pick a cabin, pick a bed and meet up back outside. I picked a cabin and took a bed way back in the corner, that’s when I saw that boy I saw on the bus take the bed next to mine. He put out his hand, shook mine and said his name was “Ethan” and hoped we can get along. I just said; “OK, that’s nice and we better go to the meeting”. (Just shaking the cute looking guys hand, made me horny) 

 The meeting was just to tell us the camp was for fun and making friends.  After that Ethan and I hung out together, looked the camp over, bull-shitted and got to know one-another. He was pretty much just like me… a loner, like boys and horny all the time.

 That afternoon, when we went swimming, we swam out to the raft they had there and then swam under the raft (no one could see us there) we held-hands for a long time and just looked at each other. Later that night, (with us and everyone else in bed) they turned the lights off in the cabin and the only light was the exit sign over the door, Ethan and I held-hands again. I then fell asleep and dreamt about Ethan.

 The next day, they told us there were many hiking trails to try out, but “Don’t go alone” So we didn’t. Ethan & I headed out, we walked a while when Ethan pointed at a big cornfield. (Being August, the corn was around eight feet tall) He grabbed my hand and pulled me along into the field. We must have gone in 5 or 6 rows; Ethan stopped turned around, looked me in the eyes, with a big smile, put his arms around me and started to kiss me. It was great! He stopped, looked at me and I smiled and started to kiss him back.

 He then pulls off my shirt, kissed me some more and then started to lick my chest. I was already rock hard, so I undid my pants and then I worked on his. To see he only had jeans on and no underwear made me even hornier. He licked his way down my abs and I then pulled his shirt off over his head.  That cornfield was great, I held on to the corn stalks while he worked on my cock. He was good at it too! I warned him I was going to lose it and then I did!!! Probably was the best ever!

 I then pulled his jeans down the rest of the way and saw what he had… He must have been 9-10 inch’s long; hard and wow did it taste good! Just like me, he lost it right away; I drank it down, as he apologized for losing it so fast. I laughed and just said; “so did I” We laid there awhile talking about doing it all again. Then on our way out of the field we looked around and then marked the spot for later use.

 The next day after swimming and stuff Ethan said; “Lets go for another hike Jon” I just laughed and said; “Lets” Still in our swim trunks, we found our spot and headed back into the cornfield. We then cleared a spot and made a bed with leaves, that’s when we heard someone say; “Hey you guys, can I maybe join you? I’ll do anything you want”

 It turns out to be a boy named “Billy” his father owned that field that we were in and he had seen us yesterday and said how horny it made him. Ethan & I just looked at each other and smiled. I said; “Sure If you want”

 Billy quickly pulled his shirt off and undid his belt and down went his pants. I then felt better (do to Ethan & I were already naked) and that boy was good look’n!! He was (like us) in his teens, tight abs, nice chest and a long hard cock. He then shows us how he could lick the end of his own cock himself. Then told us how it’s been his dream to suck somebody else’s cock.

 Then with Ethan on the ground and Billy lying there next to him, it was like a dream come true… Two good look’n naked boys with two hard cocks! I just did my best to suck them both, I sucked one then the other. That’s when Billy started moaning, so Ethan started working on his balls and with me on his cock, he lost it! Wow, he must have pumped out a gallon of cum. I loved it and Ethan helped me drink it up.

 Billy then said; “Let me pay you guys back” So as we lay there kissing, Billy did his best to suck us both off. I lost mine right away (never been so horny) Ethan soon then lost his too and wow that Billy just drank it all up. The three of us then just lay there, stroking one another’s cocks, talking and planning the next day.

 We got together two or more times before we had to head back home. Billy almost cried that last day. (I pretty much did)

 End of Part 1

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