Harry Potter Truth Or Dare

Okeeehhhhh..... so maybe I have kidnapped all my favourite Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare...

OKEY, I HAVE!! Happy now???
Right, Right, so follow the Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare!!!! Moahahhaohahhahhah!!!!!!!


3. The beginning!<3

P.O.V: third person

Helllllllllooooooooo pris.. ah, I mean friends! Claudia screamed as she banged open the door to her basement.

"Who the are you??" Harry asked from his place on the couch in front of the fire with a very giggly Hermione in his lap.

" My name iss......" she said in the same dramatic voice, " Claudia Olivia Clearwater. But you can call me Bae, yepp all my friends call me Bae!"

" Where is our wands?" Now it was Moony that spoke.

"I have them here" Bae said as she took her hand out of her pocket with a bunch of wand in it but quickly put them back.

"Just so you don't try to brake out" she said in a sheer full tone.

"Wait, wait, wait, why are we even here?" Fred asked, or was it George? I don't know??

"I'm glad that you asked" Said Bae. "You guys are here to play a game"

"What game?"

"You are going to play...... TRUTH OR DARE!"

"Yayyyyyyyyyyy" came a high scream. Everyone looked around and saw Draco standing upon the table and looking like Christmas was coming early.

"Yepp, so let's get started then" Bae said as she took out a notebook and what looked like a special quill.

"What's that for special quill?" Hermione asked.

"That's none of you concern" she spat back coly, she didn't like Hermione that much because right now, she was sitting on HER Harry.

She began scribbling furiously in her notebook and out of nothing they where sitting in a room that looked almost exactly like the gryffindor common room.

"Wow" Harry said " I really love magic "

Bae shoot him a loving smile and began scribbling again and one second later a bag full of letters was standing in front of her.

A/N: write truth or dares now, in the next chapter we are going to begin with the game! Byeeee! Claudia out! <3

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