Harry Potter Truth Or Dare

Okeeehhhhh..... so maybe I have kidnapped all my favourite Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare...

OKEY, I HAVE!! Happy now???
Right, Right, so follow the Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare!!!! Moahahhaohahhahhah!!!!!!!


2. More about me!!

More about me!!!

Name: Claudia Olivia Clearwater

Age: 17

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Broom: Firebolt

Mother: Teddy Clearwater

Father: Oliver Clearwater

Blood type: Pureblood

Fun fact: I'm not related to Penelope Clearwater!!! My parents are deatheaters

but I'm not!!!!

Crush: Harry Potter

A/N: Write truth or dares in the comments, it can be whatever you want, I make them do WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!!! So be so kind and write som. And if you want me to kidnap another character just write that in the comments to.Claudia out!

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