Her Worse Nightmare

Lily can't hide her secret much longer. She knows that if she keeps it a secret everyone will get hurt, but if everyone knows, nobody is safe.


2. Panic

It was all too much. It's been years since I heard an accent like that, well except Rosie's and mine. He just kept staring at me so I handed the pencil I was using just to make him turn back around. "Thanks?", he says apprehensively. I just nod in response.

"We can't talk at all! If he hears our accents he'll figure us out!", Rosie whispers in a panic. "I agree! Just stay low and quiet!", I whisper back. But of course, knowing my luck, the teacher chose just then to call on me.

"Miss Robbins. Can you please tell me how to do this math problem?" I swear sometimes I think she can sense when I really don't want to be called on. "Miss Robbins?" I don't know what to do! "Miss Robbins! Do you want to pay the principal a visit?!" Ok now she was really mad. Everyone was staring at me and Rosie was begging me with her eyes not to speak, but I had to. "You have to carry the 4 and then divide by 2.", I say defeated. "That wasn't too hard now was it?!", is all my teacher can muster.

I turn to Rosie and she just shakes her head and sighs. Baelfire turns around and gives me this look full of a million questions, but I just ignore him and go back to looking out my window.

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