Her Worse Nightmare

Lily can't hide her secret much longer. She knows that if she keeps it a secret everyone will get hurt, but if everyone knows, nobody is safe.


4. Neverland

"Neverland?! Why Neverland? How will we get there?", Baelfire asked. "We'll go on a pegacorn!", I proclaim. "What's a pegacorn?" "A mix between a Pegasus and a unicorn.", I say passingly.

We arrive at the stables and we go up to my pegacorn Luna. Luna was all silver and the prettiest thing you ever saw. "Hey Luna! Mind taking us to Neverland?", I ask. Luna immediately lays down so we can sit on her and off we go.

When we get there I suddenly burst out,"Sorry I didn't tell you this sooner, but in order to get in under the radar we need to jump off into the water." "WHAT?!", Baelfire screams. I open my mouth to repeat myself but then Luna makes us fall off.

We are only in the water for a few minutes before a boat picks us up. First Baelfire, then Rosie, and finally me. "Lily!", a voice calls. "Killian!" I run up and embrace our rescuer. "Fellas! This is my first mate Lily! Show her to her quarters!", Killian yells to his crew.

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