Her Worse Nightmare

Lily can't hide her secret much longer. She knows that if she keeps it a secret everyone will get hurt, but if everyone knows, nobody is safe.


1. How it all began

The teachers voice keeps droning on, but I could care less. I'd rather look at the ocean and remember it's beauty. "Miss Robbins! Eyes up here please!", Mrs. Erica yells out. "Sorry ma'am!", is all I say. My best friend Rosie gives me a look of concern but I just mouth "Later".

I turn my attention back to Mrs. Erica, I have seen what happens to kids who get on her bad side. All of a sudden the principal comes bursting in with a boy standing behind him looking embarrassed. "Oh yeah I forgot he started today", Mrs. Erica says, clearly upset her teaching was being interrupted,"Class, this is Baelfire. He is a new student."

She then tells him his seat is in front of Rosie and me and then goes right back to teaching. A few minutes after he sat down Baelfire, I think that's his name, turned around and said,"Do either of you have a pencil I can borrow?" Rosie and I looked at each other and Rosie whispered in my ear,"Was that accent from where I think it was from?" She looked like she might have a heart attack. "Yeah", I say trying to stay calm,"He's from the Enchanted Forest." "Hello? Still waiting on that pencil."

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