My Dangerous Friend

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  • Published: 17 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 17 Dec 2017
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A poem about a girl, who can´t be with her best friend, because of her moms fear of her daughters and her own safety.
But the daughter don´t see the problems and don´t want to loose her friend, like her friend don´t wanna loose her.


1. My Dangerous Friend

My mom says

I may not see you anymore

You have been here too many days

I will soon end behind a locked door.


My mom says

You are too dangerous

She just dont understand

The blood was an accident


She thought

She could make you disappear 

You are too strong

You won't go away


She is afraid of us

Especially you

After our funny game

With the knife


You are my best friend

But I fear the friends you hide

They are following me

But i never see them


You are my best friend

But why do you hide them

It scares me to only hear them

They make me scared and sad


Why did it have to end like this

I dont remember it all

Only a knife, blood and a wound

In her stomach


Why did my mom cry

We were only playing

Its like she dosen´t understand me

When I talk to her


They want

To send me away

To get away from you

So no-one gets hurt again


They say

It will be for the best

That I don´t see you

Because of what you told me to do


But they never understand me

They dont know you 


Like I know you


But you always try

To let me in to your world

Thats why i feel so chased

I will never become a part of your world


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