Zachariah and Malaki

There was once a King who could control the emotions and feelings of his people, he could even control his own son. There was once a girl, only seventeen at the time, who could not be controlled by the King. Unfortunately, as Fate would have it the prince fell hopelessly in love with the young girl. They tried to hide her secret, they managed to for a while, until she met with the King and he could not control her. In a fit of rage, he controlled his own son, forcing him to murder his true love. The prince was able to break his father’s control but it was too late, she was gone. He took the sword he had used to kill his love and sheathed it in his father’s heart for eternity.


4. Zachariah's POV

“I have an important matter to discuss, I am to announce my husband to be.” Malaki stood before the royal advisors with Zachariah standing dutifully behind him. Zach was extremely anxious about the announcement that was about to be made.

“I am to marry Zachariah Arundel, previously my dutiful servant.” Ki was full of confidence as he announced what the advisors must see as a scandal. Zach stood there and attempted to calm his nerves as the advisors burst into a flurry of arguments and objections. He wished to marry Ki, but not as a favour for a friend and he should have said no, should have told Ki he had made a mistake.

“I understand that typically monarchs marry nobles or advisors but even though Zachariah was a servant he is perfectly fit to rule. I have been personally overseeing his education in matters of academics and in matters of council and court, therefore to call him unfit to be prince would be to call me unfit to be king.” An intense silence filled the council room and the advisors all seemed too afraid to move. Ki seemed to take this as reluctant acceptance. “We will be married by a high priest tomorrow evening. If there are no more matters to discuss I will retire and begin to plan for my wedding.” Ki took Zachariah’s hand and they descended the stairs from the platform and headed to the King’s suite.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that, I thought your presence might help them understand.” Ki’s face held an apologetic expression so sincere that Zach’s heart skipped a beat. For a second he thought maybe they would be more than just friends. Zachariah had long ago accepted his feelings, however accepting something and acting upon it were very different.

“It’s fine, you wrangled them pretty well.” Zach looked at the bedroom then and noticed that there was only one bed. “Do you want me to stay in my own quarters until we’re married?” Zach asked while looking at the bed.

“Oh, I thought you would sleep with me, share the bed I mean, two beds might be suspicious.” Ki stuttered nervously.

“Of course, no expectations,” Zach said as he climbed into bed. Nervous and excited for the wedding.


When Zach woke he immediately slipped from the room leaving Ki a note, the to be weds couldn’t see each other the day of the wedding. He ate breakfast with the servants whom he would be seeing as workmates for the last time. He headed to the royal tailor, he was fitted into a classic black suit. He was sent a program for the wedding. “What if I’m making a mistake? I mean, every decision is made for me, can I really live like this?” Zach asked Maren while she added some touch ups to his suit.

Maren had been his friend since he began work at the palace and she knew everything about him, including his feelings for Ki.

“You’ve wanted this forever, and the wedding never mattered to you, you’re just worried because it’s such a big change. You’re going to be fine.” Maren’s words were comforting but he couldn’t help but think about Ki.

“What about Ki, he doesn’t feel the same way I do, can I really hide my feelings anymore in this situation?”

“How do you know what he feels?” Maren said as she ushered him out the door and towards the ball room where the wedding would be held.


“Do you, King Malaki of Freya, take Zachariah Arundel to be Prince of Freya and to be your husband?” The priest’s words were like a splash of cold water pulling him out of a dream.

“I do.” Malaki said with finality as he held Zachariah’s gaze.

“Do you, Zachariah Arundel, take the title Prince Zachariah of Freya and take King Malaki of Freya to be your husband?” This was it, no backing out now.

“I do.” Zachariah said with finality.

“You are now wedded; you may kiss the groom.” This was the moment he had been anticipating and dreading. Ki leaned in with no hesitation and pressed his lips to Zachariah’s. The kiss obliterated him, it was like he had been finally completed, it was like coming home.



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