Zachariah and Malaki

There was once a King who could control the emotions and feelings of his people, he could even control his own son. There was once a girl, only seventeen at the time, who could not be controlled by the King. Unfortunately, as Fate would have it the prince fell hopelessly in love with the young girl. They tried to hide her secret, they managed to for a while, until she met with the King and he could not control her. In a fit of rage, he controlled his own son, forcing him to murder his true love. The prince was able to break his father’s control but it was too late, she was gone. He took the sword he had used to kill his love and sheathed it in his father’s heart for eternity.


5. Malaki's POV

The kiss knocked the world out from under him, it removed the dark cloud from his vision, it made him whole again and in that moment Malaki decided to give everything, including the truth, to Zachariah. He realized that he mistook true love for friendship, and if Zachariah didn’t feel the same or accept him for his past then he would go insane.


“Zach, you need to tell me truthfully, do you love me?” Back in their suite Malaki was about to throw himself from a cliff and hope that Zach would catch him.

“I do, I have for a long time but you only saw me as a friend and I just, I love you.” Zach’s last three words were all he needed to hear as he stepped off the cliff.

“I love you too, and I have to tell you about the night my father was murdered…” Malaki told Zachariah everything, he told him of his love for the young girl, he told him about his father and his control, he told him about the night he killed her and the night he broke free and killed his father for revenge. It was amazing to finally tell someone, to feel like he wasn’t alone, like he wasn’t going crazy.

“Your father, Draegan, could control people’s feelings?” Zach asked incredulous as though that was the hardest thing to believe. “You think his ancestors could too, that that’s why the monarchy system is so peaceful, why all the rulers were loved?”

“Yes.” Zach understood, Ki wasn’t alone anymore, he was free falling.

“You manipulated me! We could have never loved each other really, I’m a servant and a servant can’t love a King! You killed your Father! You are a monster; you only mourn the loss of that traitorous girl!” A wave of sadness washed over Malaki, Zachariah did not accept him, Zachariah hated him, believed him a traitor. He was a traitor, he was a murderer. Ki had been waiting for Zach to catch him, but Zach had stepped away and hadn’t caught him. He knew then that he could never love anyone, that his father was still controlling them all from beyond the grave. He didn’t bother to tell Zachariah that when he broke his father’s control he hadn’t been given the ability to control others, Ki knew Zach wouldn’t believe him. So Malaki let go of Zachariah, he would be an amazing King. Malaki let go of the last shred of his sanity, he had been holding on for far too long.

Malaki looked at Zachariah one last time, looked into those brilliant eyes, icy blue and warm gold. Malaki embraced the ground that rushed up to meet him. 

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