Zachariah and Malaki

There was once a King who could control the emotions and feelings of his people, he could even control his own son. There was once a girl, only seventeen at the time, who could not be controlled by the King. Unfortunately, as Fate would have it the prince fell hopelessly in love with the young girl. They tried to hide her secret, they managed to for a while, until she met with the King and he could not control her. In a fit of rage, he controlled his own son, forcing him to murder his true love. The prince was able to break his father’s control but it was too late, she was gone. He took the sword he had used to kill his love and sheathed it in his father’s heart for eternity.


3. Malaki's POV

Zach probably already knew everything there was to know about the History of their world, he spent his free time in the library reading everything, but Ki just wanted to spend time with him, it was their little secret. The King being so gracious as to educate his servant, it was really just an excuse for them to be together.

Ki, and Zach sat in the royal library surrounded by books, some were old, dusty and beginning to fall apart, but most where new, bound in leather and written by hand by the scholars. Ki and Zach had been pouring over books about the monarchy. “Ki, who will you marry when you turn 18?” Zach asked as he looked up from one of the leather bound books he had been reading, it was titled ‘The Heir of a Monarch’. The rule of their time was that by age 18 a monarch had to have an eligible heir or be married, if not they would be removed from the throne.

“Honestly I have no idea; I suppose I have to make my decision soon with my birthday in 10 days. The advisors want me married within a week of my birthday, I’ve been telling them that I have a nobleman that I have been courting. But I refuse to marry one of them, I want to marry for love. I suppose with only three days left it’s not going to happen. I have been denying the fact that I have to marry for too long.” Ki did not want to pick a husband because the husband he wanted, he could not have. A monarch could not marry a servant; it was unheard of.

“I’m sorry you have to go through all this, if only you were a lowly servant like me,” Zach said trying to lighten the mood.

“Yes if only.” Ki was persistently grief stricken though.

“You wouldn’t be a very good servant, you wouldn’t be able to wake up at dawn, you’re barely able to wake up at noon! You wouldn’t even know how to light a fire!” Zach proclaimed, and Ki’s mood brightened enough that he played along.

“You couldn’t be a King; you wouldn’t be able to sit through hours of meetings! You might be an okay prince, learning for all eternity,” Ki joked. He looked into Zach’s eyes, the two colours were truly captivating and he noticed Zach staring back, looking at Ki the way that Ki looked at Zach. That was when King Malaki made the decision that would determine his life from that point on.

“Zach, I have to ask you a serious question and I want your honest answer based on your feelings, okay?”

“Of course Ki, what’s wrong?”

“Zachariah, will you do me the honour of becoming my husband?”


“Just b-because I, uhm, I need to marry a friend? Someone who isn’t a snivelling noble. A friend. No expectations.” Ki clarified rather nervously.

“Yes of course, I, uhm, knew that,” Zach said calmly. “How will you tell the advisors?”

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