Zachariah and Malaki

There was once a King who could control the emotions and feelings of his people, he could even control his own son. There was once a girl, only seventeen at the time, who could not be controlled by the King. Unfortunately, as Fate would have it the prince fell hopelessly in love with the young girl. They tried to hide her secret, they managed to for a while, until she met with the King and he could not control her. In a fit of rage, he controlled his own son, forcing him to murder his true love. The prince was able to break his father’s control but it was too late, she was gone. He took the sword he had used to kill his love and sheathed it in his father’s heart for eternity.


1. Malaki's POV

Prince Malaki was alone. He was not alone in the way most people imagine, he was surrounded by nobles and servants, he was alone with his past and his grief. The wave of sadness washed over him as he stared up at the portrait of his father, the late King Draegan. The painter had captured him perfectly, his midnight black hair, cut short, matched his brown eyes so dark they were black, his sharp jawline completed the picture making him appear evil and cruel. Prince Malaki was the only person in the whole kingdom who would see him this way, everyone else looked on with love and sadness, they missed him, they saw him as ruggedly handsome. They saw him as the regal and fair King Draegan who ruled people who loved and supported him, killed by an evil girl who was not permitted to marry the prince. How wrong his people were, he could not tell them the truth, it would shatter the spell, so he let them go one, believing her to be the assassin and him to be the victim, how wrong his people were.

“Prince Malaki, are you ready to enter the ballroom and deal with the snivelling nobles?” Zachariah, his personal servant always seemed to know when he needed a shock of reality.

“I am; it seems as though you could read my mind.” Zachariah was not only his servant but his close advisor, informally of course, and his only true friend. He could never look at those snivelling Lords and Ladies the way he looked at Zachariah, with a special kind of fondness.

Malaki looked at Zachariah, and made a mental note of his features, it was something he liked doing to remind him that he was in control, that Zachariah would not change, the way his feelings had on that night. Zachariah’s hair was the same as yesterday, a dirty, yellow blonde, wavy and just past his chin. He was small and skinny but if you looked at him, really looked you could see he was not just skin and bones but that there were muscles there from the work he did as a servant. It was his eyes, however that were his most striking feature, one was a warm golden brown and the other was a pale ice blue, they complimented him perfectly, making him handsome in an unusual and intriguing way. Zachariah was the only constant in his life. 

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