Supernatural Encounters

Do you ever wonder if ghost and demons and poltergeists are real? Here are some true stories for you to read.


3. The Ouija Board Accident.

This is a story that happened to my Nan, or Gran, which ever you prefer. It was when she was going to High School, she went to an all girls school, she was a very well behaved student, only getting into trouble for laughing too much and not being able to stop laughing. She never lied. She never cheated. She never again played with an Ouija Board.


While at school at Lunch, she went to the canteen, which was made by glass so sun could get through and in the canteen a group of her friends where sat around a piece of paper, with a lots of girls from the school stood around to watch. On the paper where letters, numbers, 'yes', 'no' and 'goodbye' on. It was then my Nan realised it was a home made Ouija Board.


Her group of friends, them being Mary-Sue, June, Alex (short for Alexandra) and Alice, saw her and waved her over,


"Nita!" Shouted Mary-Sue, "come here! come join!"


My Nan (Nita) sighed and went to them, she at first argued saying how dangerous it was, that it could open something that they can't close. However, her friends persisted and so she was coaxed into the game.


She sat down and put her finger on the makeshift planchette and it moved. Her friends turned to her. "Nita, stop it. Its not funny." Said June, looking to Nita, quite scared.


"I'm not doing that June." My nan replied, her tone serious.


They continued to play and soon the planchette started to spell out the name 'Jennifer' and the girls last name (I don't remember her last name), the girl was watching in the crowed, it was a girl from their school, they got scared and thought it was Mary-Sue.


They turned to her and said, "stop it!"


She then looked at them shocked and replied, "I'm not doing anything."


They looked to Jennifer and said "we aren't doing this." and to prove it they took their hands off. They new it wasn't going to do anything then, but they where looking for reassurance that they where ok and safe.


What scared them was the fact that the planchette moved by itself and spelt out 'death'.


She didn't die luckily, but a month later she had many problem with her. She cat cancer, she lost the ability to talk properly, walk, hear and see and many more problems. But she is still alive today. 

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