Kia, is Alexa's familiar. Alexa's family had always been ridiculed for weak or useless familiars but on her 13th birthday that all changed. Alexa is taunted at school by a boy named Hunter who just seems to want to make life difficult for her.
~I wrote this for a writing prompt but I'm enjoying exploring the story so I think I'm going to continue it.


1. Meet Kia

At the age of 13 children are able to summon their familiars for the first time. My family have always been ridiculed for weak and useless familiars, until the day if my 13th birthday.


It was the day of my 13th birthday, I would be able to summon my familiar for the first time. Most families held a long and boring ceremony but my family was different. We had never had large or exotic familiars; every other family had always made fun of us for it. We didn’t care though, we found companionship in the butterflies, birds and puppies that became ours. On the 13th birthday of someone in our family we held a party, a celebration in the clearing at the back of my house. After opening presents, playing games and eating enough food to feed a small army, we summoned them.

And now it was my turn, I took my place in the centre of the clearing and I closed my eyes, reaching inside myself for that thread, that connection I had felt for as long as I could remember, only now I could grasp it. I tugged gently on the thread and I felt it tug back.

I opened my eyes and we all waited, holding our breath. There was a rustling in the leaves and everyone gasped as my familiar revealed itself. A sleek black panther.

Kia. The name formed in my mind. “Her name is Kia.” I said to my family who seemed skittish around her as she walked over to me. I reached out and gently pet her and she leaned into my touch. My family cheered, I had summoned my familiar!


The next day I eagerly got ready for school, I was wearing a pair of black leggings and a black shirt with pink roses embroidered so that they climbed my arms and wrapped around my torso. My honey coloured hair was pulled back into a ponytail and my amber eyes matched Kia’s perfectly. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the house. Kia had slept in my room but I had let her outside this morning to hunt and stretch her legs, I tugged the thread and she came bounding towards me. I smiled and patted her before pulling her into an enormous hug. My family’s estate was only a short walk from the local high school. Kia drew the gaze of several people as we casually strolled towards the collection buildings. School’s allowed people to bring their familiars with them to class as long as they didn’t misbehave so it wasn’t unusual to see people with snakes draped across their shoulders or kittens peeking out if their back-packs.

I walked to my locker with Kia by my side and not a single person sneered at me or made a passing remark about my family. In roll call, I sat quietly at my desk and read my book while I waited for the rest of the class to file in.

“Hey! Alexa! Whose familiar is that? Where’s your stick insect?” I looked up to find Hunter standing over my desk, Kia slowly got to her feet.

“This is my familiar, Kia, I summoned her yesterday.” I said simply, my tone begging that he leave me alone. Hunter’s familiar was a green tree python that was draped around his neck, her name was Jade.

“Oh really?” he said sceptically. “Prove it.”

“Will you leave us alone if I do?” I asked him, he nodded in response. I mentally asked Kia if she would turn in a circle for me, she gladly did so and Hunter’s jaw dropped. “See, now please just let us be.” Hunter couldn’t seem to wipe the shocked expression from his face as he took a seat.

The next two periods passed quietly and when it was time for lunch Kia and I headed outside for some fresh air, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea because the field was full of people enjoying time with their familiars.

~~ A/N Hi, I did this for a writing prompt, so I haven't proof read, sorry. xx

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