Sucker Punch : movie novelization

Baby doll is 20 years old and somehow considered mad by her evil widowed step father and is taken to a mental institution were she starts her fight for survival . To escape the institution Baby needs a key , fire , knife and the last one is a mystery,But will the other girls and her new friend Rocket want to help her?


9. The german bunker



 The German bunker

The girls followed Baby down the trenches twisting and twinning pathways , wielding their guns all the way they'd come across a few Germans but not many .  as Rocket shot a German she noticed something , a  bomb not set off but simply waiting for a new owner, so Rocket improvised.

"Achtung!"A german undead cried as the bomb landed right infront of three german soilders,Rocket smiled to herself devilishly.

The girls moved in shooting in all directions killing all the troops trying to attack instantly,Baby caught two troops with her katana stabbing them in the neck making them fall. Blondie sprinted ahead of the girls using her military machine gun to shoot troops. She then leapt into the air with an axe attacking the German troops with a spin like she was still in dance practise! A troop came for her behind her but she swung round and punched him in the face twice pushing him back , another came for her she used her axe to catch them by the neck pushing them downward and then used foot to break their spinal column. She then noticed a German troop with a gun ready and aimed , she threw the axe into his steam clock gas mask killing him, the troop fell back with a thud Blondie felt like she was now her own machine gun.

The other girls continued meeting up with blondie on the way giving her credit for the work she had done for them,

Rocket darted behind wooden panel to shield her entry  the turning onto the way of the bunker,. Sweet pea nodded to her , this was her signal to go  .

The girls all of a sudden apart from Rocket were attacked by ten troops , Rocket was alone now and Sweet pea was worried. Sweet pea went after Rocket, rushing to protect her younger sister, a bomb went off but she still went on . Meanwhile Rocket had her own problems to deal with , seven troops all aiming to kill her! she began tearing them apart with her machine gun. She ran up on the along the side of the trench wall avoiding many shots fired, she then spun around on landing shooting a German in the face .

"Rocket there's more! "Sweet pea screamed

"Sweet pea help me!" then a bomb went of making Rocket disappear in smoke......

Sweet pea was fuming at the monsters trying to kill her sister she took off firing her gun shooting a troop and kicking the other down. She then spun around knocking two troops out with her gun , all she could see in her mind was rocket dying and she wasn't having that! She shot yet again another troop but after a undead pulled her gun backward Sweet pea shot it in the head out of pure rage ........then she heard Rocket scream!

Rocket was swung around this way and that by a German troop screaming in agony , then she threw him off her knocking the troop out with her gun , she wondered whether Sweet pea was ok or if she was with the girls helping them. A troop came for her screaming madly but she kicked him in the face , she knocked another down punching them in the face , two shots where fired but she kneelt down wildly staring at the troop now she was pissed!

"Rocket are you ok?" Sweet pea yelled

"I will be!" Rocket shrieked

Rocket leapt up on the sight of her sister being attacked and launched her flint lock western into the air with a psychotic smile on her face. She blocked the gun digs and then swung the gun round his face using her titanium knife to kill other troops , she dodged other troops looking to kill her and stabbed them all but she was overwhelmed by troops , she lay on the ground ready to embrace death!

"Rocket NO!" Sweet pea screamed

Sweet pea pushed two troops off her she shot one , then a troop tried to stab her in the face with the end of there spear gun but she ducked , the troop holding her was killed ! She shot the troop that had accidently just killed his friend , the rush was wild and flaming fire in Sweet peas mind about troops killing her sister. She shot two other troops she was desperate now to save her dear Rocket! She felt pain in her face turned around and punched pushed a troop out of the way with her strength knocking them into the wall and then shooting them , then she reloaded.

Rocket dodged a spear gun shot one troop and stabbed the other she wasn't ready to die she hadn't let death embrace her after all , suddenly more troops came for her all pointing they're spear gun pointed straight at her! Then she heard gun shoots was Sweet pea! 

"Leave her alone!" she wailed at the troops

Sweet pea shot all the troops down and rushed to Rockets side , she pulled her up checking her face by holding up her face by the chin , no scars nothing she was fine.

"Are you ok?" she asked

"Yeah fine sis." Rocket answered

The other girls came round the corner sprinting towards them checking if they were ok, Baby smiled at them happily.

"Come on the bunker is this way girls."

Then they took off.....................................................




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