Sucker Punch : movie novelization

Baby doll is 20 years old and somehow considered mad by her evil widowed step father and is taken to a mental institution were she starts her fight for survival . To escape the institution Baby needs a key , fire , knife and the last one is a mystery,But will the other girls and her new friend Rocket want to help her?


3. New girl?


 New girl?

"These are the rooms where we take the clients. There's fresh towels in all the bathrooms and... Turn that on. Blue owns the club. And we, my dear, heh... ...are the main attractions. Ta-da. The club's a front for his business. Guns, gambling, medications, special favours. He brings in his clients, and we gota make them feel, you know... ...special." Rocket explained

"What's that " Baby pointed to a dimly lit closet with brooms and mops

"The janitors closet blue locks us in there until we become....cooperative"

Blue seemed a little odd at first to baby for being so calm with her oh so evil step father , but when she heard this she found him even more odd , a closet for mad girls perfect?

★·.·´¯`·.·★sure cause why would you not lock a com

plebe phscyo in a closet?★·.·´¯`·.·★

Baby turned back to Rocket and stared with her large blue eyes into her soul the way she was staring at rocket almost was ghost like , the closet made her seem even more ghostly as she stood in front of it.

​"Don't worry doll it wont happen to you, through here is the kitchen the cooks a little violent so you'd better be careful kay?"

​a bell rung in the kitchen that scared baby half to death ,Rocket slightly disorientated by the sound as it rung straight through her ears like some kind of explosion in the inner earlobe, Rocket sighed turned to face her then spoke sweetly to her.

"Sorry Baby I've got rehearsal , ill see you later okay it was nice touring you!"



"She seems nice."

"Are you actually nuts , she seems stuck up as blue!" sweet pea answered to Ambers  comment rocket 

"And?" amber said

"And your too sympathetic , ya know she's no virgin" sweet pea stated

Rocket entered with baby doll in her dancing practice outfit , baby was in a pair low healed dance shoes and thigh high socks along with leotard bottoms and a peachy coloured dance top. She looked very professional despite the fact that Baby didn't really dance, Sweet pea glared with a slight hint of envy.

"Baby this is Amber , Blondie and my sister Sweet pea ." Rocket introduced

"Hello." Baby said , that was the first word shed said since the janitors closet which was said ever so slightly with a crackle of fear in her voice. Baby went and sat on the resting bench while Rocket talked with her older sibling sweet pea, She could hear that sweet pea wasn't happy with the fact rocket was talking to her or trying to be nice to her.

"Don't get to attached to your new friend, watch yourself, yes!" sweat pea ordered

"Come on give her a break sis."

"Yeah she hasn't done anything to you." blondie said

Sweet pea looked at her with her piercing deep brown eyes in anger, she seemed like a falcon stalking its pray looking at blondie in this manner.

"Not yet she hasn't." she replied simply

DR Gorski's office door opened and the tall bold women stepped out looking absolutely ravishing, indeed it was Gorski herself preparing to judge the girls on their dancing. Her long hair was in a bun which told the girls only one thing , she meant business here! She made her way over to falcon sweet pea who was still giving blondie the death stare.

"Sweet pea show me your dance" she said boldly and after clapped her hands





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