Sucker Punch : movie novelization

Baby doll is 20 years old and somehow considered mad by her evil widowed step father and is taken to a mental institution were she starts her fight for survival . To escape the institution Baby needs a key , fire , knife and the last one is a mystery,But will the other girls and her new friend Rocket want to help her?


5. Beginning the path to freedom

 Beginning the path to freedom

​The first ten foot samurai with the sword stepped forward , Baby held her ground and walked down the steps onto the court yard , the samurai's eyes glowed with fury as Baby stood in front of the temple. The samurai with the sword turned and nodded to the samurai with the spear , then then the samurai with the spear walked forward dragging the katana on the snow coated courtyard floor creating sparks as it went. Baby stared upward at the huge samurai with resilience as its eyes glowed with madness similar to the other samurai , then she felt it the urge to fight this thing!

★·.·´¯`·.·★I can do this!★·.·´¯`·.·★

​Baby reached for her katana ​out of her holster , but just then the samurai kicked her with such power that she fell right through the temple doors making them open , baby fell back onto the hard temple floor. slowly she sat up in pain trying to see through the rubble what was going on , she saw the samurai.

​It ran at her destroying the alter of candles by running through it , Baby knew it was concentrated on one thing ....killing her! Baby slid to the side and this time managed to take her katana from the holster she felt the urge again to fight and not cower in terror, the samurai swung but Baby ducked in an urgent attempt to stop her from loosing her head. Baby was pissed now , it was time to fight back! Baby ran as fast a she could past the samurai but got caught by the spear gain falling this time at the bottom of the destroyed alter. Baby saw the samurai walking towards her wilding the spear this time she back flipped over it avoiding another blow, Baby landed on her ribs in pain but knew she had to keep fighting. The samurai was still coming at her with the spear this time Baby almost landed a strike but the samurai leaped into the air and landed crashing the spear into the ground ,Baby fell again onto her ribs.

★·.·´¯`·.·★Come on Baby , get up or die!★·.·´¯`·.·★

Baby got up and slammed into the spear with her katana with all her might she pushed moving the spear away, she leapt to the side and swung down onto the spear trapping it in the floor. she removed the katana and instantly the samurai jabbed at her with the spear but baby caught it striking it to the side , she skidded in her platform heels into a pillar knocking her head on the wood of the pillar. the samurai looked super annoyed that baby was fighting back but it didn't scare her , it again tried to hit her but Baby jumped three metres back to avoid contact with the spear. Baby then turned and ran and jumped over the spear with a spinning side wheel in mid air! As she landed the katana was knocked out of her hand , Baby ran to the katana this time feeling even more determined to stop this thing. she did a one handed cartwheel to avoid another blow, Baby then saw her chance she sliced the samurai's leg as she landed . the samurai stared at her with its gleaming ruby eyes in pain , baby braced the katana and slit the monsters throat , as she did no blood fell but instead a gleaming light appeared from the cut, then the thing fell dead onto the temple floor it head fell off as it did!

​Baby had done it ........sort of she still had two more to deal with.

​Baby stood victorious but then ducked as a rocket passed her shoulder from a machine gun. Another samurai stood by the temple door wielding a machine gun that was twice the size of it , baby stared at it. The samurai began to fire at her baby strode forward in her platforms running like a maniac and stopped behind a pillar preparing to strike but the bullets kept coming even as she hid , she had to keep running. This time she slid behind a pillar to hide for a few seconds before running right up to the samurai! she summersaulted into the air with all her might as she landed and ran she threw her katana at the monster distracting it before taking out her gun she jumped onto it balancing on its armoured chest pointing right in-between its pretty ruby red eyes. She released three bullets as it began to fall Baby did to so she braced herself bending her knees preparing to jump off it  seeing the same glow from the first dead warrior,and so she did. Baby placed the gun back into her holster , she was ready for the third samurai , she pulled her katana free from the courtyard ground. She saw the samurai stumble back a bit as she did so , she stared into its red eyes with her crystal blue eyes. although the temple was falling behind her baby didn't care she stood strong and continued to stare into the monsters eyes. The samurai pulled free its sword and ran at her full speed, Baby was ready this time though.

★·.·´¯`·.·★I wouldn't do that.★·.·´¯`·.·★

​Baby knelt down feeling snow whistle around her as she stood her ground against the samurai, she held her katana vertically sideways bracing for the impact before she leapt into the air slicing the samurai in the side that same glow from the other samurai's appeared just as baby landed on the courtyards far end.

Then baby opened her eyes......








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