The World of Nothing

Ivy liked adventure, but she never expected going into a different universe.


1. The Portal

"It was an open opportunity. What was I supposed to do, chicken out?" Ivy said blankly, with uncertainty in her voice. Lucas glanced at her entwined hands, her cold fingers shaking every second. "Do you need any gloves?" He asked, worrying about sickness and disease catching up to her. "N-No, I'm fine, really." Ivy's brown, curly hair started to sway in the wind as the window of the car started to crack. "Um, Ivy? Your window is cracking." He took precaution when driving, especially when there is a passenger, and when one of his windows were about to break! Ivy didn't respond to this, for she sat like a statue in the leather seat. Lucas obviously didn't know what was happening, so he started to panic. Ivy's hands started to turn green, and she finally looked down and her eyes grew. She struggled to pull her hands apart, but it wasn't successful. Ivy then looked at the window, and her eyes grew even larger. "What the-" She stopped before staring at the road ahead. Lucas followed her eyes and gasped at what he was looking at. There, in front of both of them, was a giant trail of light. The light seemed to go on and on, and it changed from black to white with every second. "Where did you even drive to? What are we even doing?" Ivy questioned. Lucas couldn't find any words to explain what was happening right now. Eventually, he said weirdly "I don't really know." They eventually both screamed as they traveled into the center of the light, the world we call "Nothing". 

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