Three girls get stuck in a universe full of terrifying creatures. Will they get out? Will they live to see the light?


1. Where it all starts.

"We should go to that haunted house that just opened at the mall!" Skylar exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Gwen says while falling off my bed that she was laying on. I turned my swivel chair around and look Skylar in the eyes. "No."

"Come on! It'll be fun!"


"Gwen and I both want to go. Majority rules!"




We got in the car and Gwen began to drive.

"The roads are really empty..." Skylar, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said.

"Yeah. It's kinda creepy, it's only 7 pm." Gwen turned right down Elmwood Avenue, I continued to sit in the back, pouting. I hated haunted houses, there was no way they were getting me in there.

"Keegan, cheer up, it'll be fine!" Skylar turned around and booped my nose as we pulled into a parking spot. I groaned in response.

We got out of the car and stepped into the fall weather. "How about we just go see a movie. If you still wanna do something scary, we can go see that new horror movie!" I suggested.

"Nice try. Listen, I know you don't wanna go to the haunted house, but pleeeaase!"

I rolled my eyes as we approached the haunted house, which was on the corner of this street. I was starting to get nervous, my palms were sweaty, and I felt like I was gonna throw up.

We paid for tickets and then waited in the surprisingly short line by the door, there were 3 groups of people in front of us. 



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