Three girls get stuck in a universe full of terrifying creatures. Will they get out? Will they live to see the light?


3. The disappearance.

A man in a jester suit popped out of the corner as a dim light came on. 

"Follow me, girlies! You're in for a fun ride!" His high pitched voice laughed. We turned a sharp corner to see a wall, covered in names. And blood. "C'mon pretty lady! Write your name on the wall!" He held a marker in front of me. I reached out with my shaking hand and took the marker. I wrote my name on the wall. 

"You're gonna have a fun time, Keegan!" A loud voice laughed from above. The jester was gone, so we kept walking forward. 

A few objects and a few people jumped out at us, but we soon came across this glowing portal? We had nowhere to go but forward. So we stepped inside.



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