My Life

My Life from the day i was born to the day i died.


1. Hospital

i never rememberd my birth, not until y death. when i died it was like my whole life just came to me. i remeber everything. from my first though while still inside my mothers womb. i thought about the funny feeling rope like thing that conected me to my mother. later in life did i find out that it was an umbilical cord.


i remeber taking my first breath and feel like i was drowning as i coughed up atomic fluid. it burned my throught so i screamed, that and it was freezing and i was naked. i remeber the blinding light and loud noises of the word congratulation, its a girl being said over and over again.


My mother. i remeber her soft skin as i lay on her chest. our first skin on skin contact. i could hear her fast beating heart as i listend to her weap. tears of joy i heard her tell someone. my mothers smell, vinilla and strawberries i later realised. the sound of her young voice was like a melody to me.


what felt like a life time someone finally placed a blanket over my tiny naked frame. i snuggled closer to my mother as the sweet honey like smell of milk hit me. i was hungry. mother and i didnt really know what we were doing, i did try to tell her she needed to move me up slightly. mother didnt understand screaming baby, luckily the midwife did though and i was fixed up for my milk. i remeber the bond between us growing as she huged me close and carried me up to our hospital room. my first sleep over and i was barly four hours old.


iremember my father, he was in the room when i was born. his rough big hands stroked my back as i cuddled mother. his deep voice calmed me when i was scared and worked up. i remember him telling me about all these great things he was going to teach me. he said he would teach me about cars and that i would be able to pull a car apart and fix it and put it back together before im old enough to be intrested in boys.


father stayed at the hospital with us that night. mother was exhusted so father watched me. mother slept like a rock, i cried twice that night yet she stayed asleep. father on the other hand jumped up to me both times. each time i would flash him my open mouth attempt at a smile. this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. i just knew it.

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