Jessica Frost: Daughter of a Guardian

Jessica Frost is the half-demon daughter of Jack Frost. She has white hair flowing to the middle of her back, striking blue eyes, and a naughty attitude. When she is chosen as the next Guardian, she is shocked as to why and what Guardian she has been chosen as.


10. Taken and Damaged

He grabbed Jessica, but she moved quickly and kicked him backward. He backed up at first, then grabbed her and disappeared before Jack could get her.

"Jess!" Jack called. "NO!" 

They were gone.

Something in Jack snapped and he punched the wall, leaving a hole.

"I promised her! I promised her I wouldn't let anyone hurt her, and now Pitch has her and he's probably torturing her by now!"

"We have to get her!" Tooth said.

They went to Pitch's lair together. Jack called, "Jessica, are you here?" 

They heard the jingling of chains and followed it to Jessica's cell.

She had scars on her face and her body, and before Jack could open the door, her chains froze over. She broke them, and attempted to do the same with the bars. However, she failed.

"Hang on! I'll get you out of there!" Jack said to her. He saw a key above the cell door and grabbed it, pushing it into the keyhole and turning it. The lock unlatched and he opened the door, saying, "Let's go before Pitch comes back."

They made it out of the lair and Jessica turned to Jack. "I have to thank you, for releasing me."

"No problem, Jess." 

She flew off quickly before Jack could help her with her scars.

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