Jessica Frost: Daughter of a Guardian

Jessica Frost is the half-demon daughter of Jack Frost. She has white hair flowing to the middle of her back, striking blue eyes, and a naughty attitude. When she is chosen as the next Guardian, she is shocked as to why and what Guardian she has been chosen as.


9. Surprization

Jack quickly snapped up. "What?"

"I'm the one killing those people. I'm the one hurting them."

Jack looked at the other Guardians, who were shocked. They were staring at Jessica with wide open eyes.

"Jessica..." North said, "You are that killer?"

She nodded.

"I-I can't help it! It's like-It's like it's a part of me. That killing is in my blood." She turned towards the window and stared out into the snowy landscape.

"Jess-" Jack began, and started towards her. He then put his arms around her and said, "I don't care if you're that killer, you're my daughter. I will never let anyone or anything hurt you, even if you kill me."

She was silent.

He let go of her and looked at the others. "Sure, she kills, but why do you think she's doing that?"

"Because she wants to." Bunny said.

"It's not because she wants to. She can't help it! You heard her!"

"Then why do you think she's doing it?" North said.

"Because that's how she died!" Jack cried. "Just like I died saving my sister by having fun, which is how I became the Guardian of Fun, she died by her father murdering her! That's why she's this way. Because that's how she died."

"Jack, I think you're right." North said. Then he said, "Jessica?"

She turned towards him.

"You have been chosen to be a Guardian, because of how you died. It's special. Therefore, we won't reprimand you for killing those people."

"Were any of them children?" Bunny asked.

"No. All adults."

Bunny breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Pitch showed up.


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