Jessica Frost: Daughter of a Guardian

Jessica Frost is the half-demon daughter of Jack Frost. She has white hair flowing to the middle of her back, striking blue eyes, and a naughty attitude. When she is chosen as the next Guardian, she is shocked as to why and what Guardian she has been chosen as.


3. Hurt to Die

She was chained to a stretcher that was vertical, letting her see who was in her sight. When she saw Jack, she said, "Come to torture me again?"

"Jessica, what happened to you?"

"How do you not know what's happened to me? You're the one who did it!" She had scars on her face and arms, her legs had some blood, but not a lot.

"Jess, I-"

"I know what you did! You, you-" She couldn't finish, she was too weak.

"Jack, I think someone did this looking like you!"

"What do you mean, Tooth?"

"As in, someone hurt her, but they changed their appearance to look like you!"

"Yeah, I doubt that." Jessica said. "The voice is exactly the same, and they even got the act right!' She laughed and said, "If you're going to hurt me again, you might as well get it over with, because I obviously don't have much life left." 

"Jess, I'm not-"

She was laughing, her nails turning into claws, her teeth turning razor sharp, her eyes glowing with a pulse that signaled the demon's come.


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