Jessica Frost: Daughter of a Guardian

Jessica Frost is the half-demon daughter of Jack Frost. She has white hair flowing to the middle of her back, striking blue eyes, and a naughty attitude. When she is chosen as the next Guardian, she is shocked as to why and what Guardian she has been chosen as.


25. Evil Magic

When Jessica realized Jack wasn't chasing her, she was confused. Jack ALWAYS chased after her when she threw a snowball at him. She began wandering around, calling out, "Daddy? Daddy, where are you?"

She reached the kitchen and found the note Jack had left.

Hey, Jess. I'm sorry. I had to go. Pitch was impatient. Thanks for the breakfast, kiddo. You're awesome at cooking. Love you. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Jessica was surprised. She placed the note on the refrigerator. Then she grabbed her scythe and went to Pitch's lair. 

Inside, she heard voices.

"Pitch, I really don't think this will work. Jess is smart. She'd know."

"Jack, you don't understand. Your daughter is not as smart as you seem to think she is. Yes, she is smart, I'll give her that, but she'll never figure out what we're planning."

"What YOU'RE planning. I'm just listening. But I won't hurt my daughter."

"You'll have to. You'll either do it willingly or I'll make you."

There was silence. Then Jack said, "Fine. But I'll loathe it."

"Good. Go now. I don't want to wait."

Jessica hid as she heard Jack's footsteps run out of the lair. She flew to her house, and she got there before Jack, since she could fly faster than him.

While Jessica was in the kitchen, staring out the window, she tried to piece everything together.

Then she heard knocking and she heard the front door open. Then Jack's voice echoed through the halls. "Jess?"

Jessica got up and went to the front door, where Jack was standing. He saw her and said, "Hey Jess."

"Hi, Daddy."

Jack sighed. He held his arms out so he could hug her. She ran and hugged him. Then Jack whispered, "I'm sorry." He then grabbed her hands, forced them in front of her and put her into handcuffs. After that he forced her mouth shut. Then he grabbed the chain and forced her out of the house. As he closed the door behind him, he could see Jessica looking upset and betrayed. He then led her down into Pitch's lair.

 Ever since Jack had joined up with Pitch, he had a connection with Pitch, where Pitch could see what he was doing, although he couldn't hear what Jack was saying, but Jack couldn't see Pitch. They were able to communicate using telepathy. Then Jack heard Pitch's voice.

"Well done, Jack. I'm impressed. Put her in the cage."

There was a cage with the door open. Jack took the tape off her mouth and undid her handcuffs. Then he pushed her into the cage and locked it.  

Pitch came to Jack's side and looked down at Jessica. "You're trapped."

Jessica shook the cage angrily. "Let me out of here! Daddy, how could you do this to me!" 

"Jess, I didn't have a choice!"

Jessica kept trying to get out of the cage, but it never helped. 

Then Jack left. Pitch followed.

Jessica then slipped a skeleton key out of her dress and unlocked it. After that, she fled.

She was free.

"But not for long.

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