Jessica Frost: Daughter of a Guardian

Jessica Frost is the half-demon daughter of Jack Frost. She has white hair flowing to the middle of her back, striking blue eyes, and a naughty attitude. When she is chosen as the next Guardian, she is shocked as to why and what Guardian she has been chosen as.


1. Emergency Meeting

Jessica Frost was walking along the telephone pole when she saw the Northern Lights. That meant one thing- emergency meeting.

She moved quickly and flew to the North Pole. She got there before anyone else, even Jack, her father. She could run as fast as he could fly, and she could fly faster than she could run. 

"Jessica!" North said, a smile across his face. "Thank goodness you're here. I'll wait for everyone else to get here before I say anything."

Everyone showed up in time-Bunny and his son, Ethan, Tooth and her daughter, Thalia, Sandy and his daughter, Samantha. North's son, Nicholas, showed up and said, "What's going on?" he said.

Jack was the last one to arrive. He saw Jessica first. "Hey, Jess!" 

"Hi, Daddy!" she replied.

"Am I late?" he asked.

"No, you're just in time." North said. "Man in the Moon has chosen a new Guardian."

"Who is it?" Bunny said.

"He said he would show us once everybody-" North stopped as a glowing crystal, meant to show who would be a new Guardian, rose out of a hole in the ground. 

The crystal glowed as it rose. When it finished it showed a hologram of Jessica, in a cloak, a hood over her head, holding a scythe in two hands, across her chest.

"Jess?" Jack said. He was surprised. So was Jessica.

The GKs (Guardian Kids), Thalia, Samantha, Nicholas, and Ethan, were also confused. 

"She can't be a Guardian. She's not even smart!" Thalia said.

"Thalia!" Tooth scolded. "Don't say that!"

"How is Jess a Guardian?" Jack said. "I don't get it."

"I guess we'll find out." North said.

Jessica had been standing near the window the whole time. Now she screamed as she was pulled through the window, making it shatter.

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