Talking UGGS and Canada Goose Fur Will Take You On Vegan Journey

This is base on real UGGS boots and Canada Goose fur trim jackets. Once one person where this product twice, they'll be taken to journey of fur and sheep farming slaughterhouse.


4. Fur-Sheep Farm Tour and Becoming Vegan Village (Alice speaking)

"Awful." I said.

"Isn't it?" Canada Goose fur said.

"Yes, Coyote." I said to Canada Goose fur.

"I think I want to be vegan after witnessing this." Isaid.

"That's great." UGGs boot said. "We'll take you to special place now."

"OK." I said. "Is time ok?

"Yes." UGG boots said. "You'll be back in same time as nothing happened.

"OK." I said.

Soon we arrived at small town with farms of vegetables and fruits, while animals were playing and having fun themselves.

"Alice, this is Vegan Village, where people who want to become vegans live here." UGGs boot said.







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