Talking UGGS and Canada Goose Fur Will Take You On Vegan Journey

This is base on real UGGS boots and Canada Goose fur trim jackets. Once one person where this product twice, they'll be taken to journey of fur and sheep farming slaughterhouse.


2. Bloomingdale's 59th St (Alice speaking)

Friday, December 15th, 2018 at 10:30pm.

My name is Alice Francis and I'm an employee at Bloomingdale's 59th St. I was only one working overtime.

As I was walking pass Canada Goose jacket, I heard, "Alice, Help!"

Then I asked, "Is anyone trapped in store?"

"It not anyone." voice called. "Look at Canada Goose jacket."

So, I did and saw Canada Goose fur trim was talking to me.

"You can talk?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes." Canada goose fur said. "I need your help."

"How I could help you?" I asked.

"Do you have UGG boot?"

"Yes," I said.

"Please take me to it." Canada Goose fur said.

"OK," I said.

I took Canada Goose fur trim jacket to my storage area where I kept my UGG boots. Soon as I enter, UGG boot started talking to me.

"Hello, Alice." UGG boot said.

"What's going on?" I asked confused. "Why UGGs and Canada goose fur talking to me?"

"Do you love animals, Alice?" UGGs and Canada Goose asked me.

"Yes, I do love animals," Alice said. "Why?"

"I used to be Coyotes." Canada Goose fur said.

"I used to be Sheep." UGG boots said.

"Please put us on and I take you on the dark secret journey behind our clothes and boots."

"OK, I will." Alice said.

Soon as Alice put on Canada Goose fur trim jacket and UGGS boot, magic teleportation started.





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