The Mad

Alison Dabney, a fourteen year old normal teenager from Tennessee, finds out that her parents are sick. When they attack her, she finds the strength to escape them, and head into the city where everyone is mad.


2. The Mad in Tennessee-Part Two


I saw Elise was panicking.

"Calm down. We're going to be fine. We have to go to the city", I told her. 

"If we survive​", she insisted.

"Yes. Look, we're here because something bad is happening in Tennessee; something that's evil", I said.

"Why now? It's Halloween", Greg added.

"Because there's a virus...", I started to say.

"A virus! Then the Tennessee Hospital doctors and nurses will be at fault for unleashing horror on the city. They can't do that", Jenson said.

"They have to know", I chipped into the conversation.

"No. Unless it's some kind of experiment", Jenson said.

"We have to leave", Greg said.

And, as we decided to plan to do that, the mad had other plans for us.


Jocelyn Harding watched the black-eyed children from her bedroom. She loathed her parents because they thought Halloween was the Devil's work. She sighed. They were too conservative, and believed in God and Jesus Christ. And attended Church every Sunday. That was until tonight. She watched her parents snoring in bed. She left her bed, flicked on the bright lights, and opened it with her small, right, hand. As she walked in the thin hallway, she turned on the other lights. Suddenly the bedroom light of her parents were dark. She frowned, as the door was ajar. She shivered. Then, in a matter of seconds, she saw black eyes staring at her. Jocelyn stared at the door. Suddenly she saw her parents holding sharp hatchets in their right hands. She screamed. Then she ran towards the back door...and escaped from the terror.


We were seeing Jocelyn crying.

"We have to leave", she stated.

And, as we headed out of the city, we knew one thing was certain.

We wouldn't be going back home again.

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