The Mad

Alison Dabney, a fourteen year old normal teenager from Tennessee, finds out that her parents are sick. When they attack her, she finds the strength to escape them, and head into the city where everyone is mad.


1. The Mad in Tennessee-Part One


​The beginning of the madness arrived in Tennessee on Saturday, October 31, 2017. It was on Halloween night. I was preparing to tell mom and dad that tonight I would dress up as a witch; I was looking forward to the idea of meeting Tod James, my boyfriend. "Mom! Dad! Can we have Chinese food tonight?", I asked them. I moved down the dim looking hallway. My left hand reached the golden doorknob. As I opened their bedroom door, I noticed they were arming themselves with hatchets in their hands. Their eyes were a milky black colour; their skin were broken, as if they were afflicted by some kind of disease. The window was open. A full moon was in the clear, blue, sky. "​Alison!​", Mom whispered in a horrific voice. Dad glanced at me like I was an alien from Outer Space; Dad threw the hatchet at me with his right hand. I ducked my head. The hatchet was embedded in the creamy door. I screamed, then I raced out of the room, went down the hallway, and ran to my bedroom. I hurriedly grabbed a black suitcase from the cupboard; I put clothes, and shoes, in them. I grabbed my new black purse that was on the new light brown dresser that was to the left of my bed which was in the middle of the room; to the right was a lamp. I opened the bedroom window. And, thinking I would die, I felt my heart beat faster. I climbed down the grey pipe, and dropped to the hard ground. I didn't stumble. I felt my ankles with my hands. There was no strain...nor pain. I was extremely anxious, as I headed towards Tod's house...and knew one thing was certain. The Mad had arrived in Tennessee.


The Mad, (as they were called), wasn't like a zombie. They were behaving like monsters who used the moon to commit acts of violence on the city of Tennessee. It was a grave situation; it was a situation in which I knew what was going on was dangerous. I grew up reading Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and the late English horror writer, James Herbert, author of 'The Rats​', the nineteen seventy-four novel of the terror of killer rats in which caused everyone in London to shiver, and had caused a book sensation. In short, in the modern, Internet-Age, horror was put on the backburner. Suddenly, I knew one thing was certain. The Mad was a symptom of something worse. It was a backlash against Mankind. Or something else like that. By eight o'clock PM, I saw children were dressed like ghouls, vampires, and Mummies; I saw they were immune to the horror. Elise Campbell, my best friend, smiled at me. "Alison! Hey! I was...", she said. "Mom and Dad are mad", I said. Elise, who was also fourteen, had a babysitting job every Saturday night, so that she could work as a Nurse at Tennessee Hospital, when she was older. "Mad! Did they ground you again?", she asked me. "No, they're sick. Really sick. And their eyes were black. And they used hatchets to kill me. I fled home; I have no home on Halloween". I then broke down, and knew that tonight was going to be a horror show.


"Alison, do you want to come and see Greg and Mary?", Elise asked me. 

"Yes", I answered her.

And, as I headed to 1785 State Road, I saw several police cars heading towards my house. And I breathed in deeply, and knew that if they saw that I was gone, I didn't want the officers to be killed.


I saw Greg Mayberry and his sister Mary. They were twins. And were eight years' old. They were normal kids who went to Tennessee Junior School. As we reached 1364 State Road, (one block away), we saw they were crying outside their homes. "What's wrong, Greg?", I asked him. "It's Mom! She killed Dad with a large butcher knife. She had black eyes", he answered me. "Black eyes!", Elise said, dumbfounded. "Yes. She was sick last night when she reached for a hammer, and hit Dad. She reached for a knife. She was insane". Mary, who wore a pink nightgown, hugged Elise. "It's okay, sweetie. It's fine". Mary, who was scared, dialled 9-1-1 on her own I-phone, and asked for the police. 


Jenson Mycroft stared at the teenage girl. She had black eyes, and behaved like a zombie; she gripped the hatchet in her right hand, and raised it up in the cool, northerly, air. "No! Please don't! No!", he yelled. The girl, Alyssa Richardson, was fifteen. She wasn't someone who was prone to violence; she was a quiet teenager who frequently brought books on-line from And she wrote poems on her computer. Jenson saw her smile. It wasn't a normal, school-girl smile; it was a death-like smile that caused him to shudder with horror. He saw several more teenagers were black-eyed. Ten of them. They were armed with hatchets in their right hands; they were on a mission of imminent death. Jenson ran away. He reached 1364 State Road, and saw Elise, Alison, Greg, and Mary. And hoped to get help before he died.


I saw Jenson. He was stunned by the mad. 

"It's crazy. I mean this is Tennessee. Nothing evil happens here", he said. I knew that; he knew that. 

"I was about to see Tod". 

"He's seeing Tanya Ambrose", Jenson said.

"What!", I yelled.

"He told me to keep it a secret from you", Jenson said.

"Bastard! I'll kill him!", I didn't cry. I was too mad to think straight.

"They're at Fallow Woods", Jenson said.

"Shit! The bitch!", I said.

And I took a long, deep, breath...and vowed to survive the late evening with the group of children and teenagers in Tennessee.


Tennessee Police Officer Dale Roberts, Jr., thirty, was on the force for a decade. In that time, since 2007, there was the usual crimes. Assaults, burglaries, murders, and kidnappings that was messy. He then drove towards 1785 State Road. The lamp's glow was disconcerting. He stopped near the front door. He frowned. The hairs on the back of his large neck was upward. He took off his black seat belt. And grabbed his .44 Magnum. By eight-thirty PM, there were a lot of children dressed like ghosts. Officer Roberts, Jr., headed towards the porch. He knocked on the door. There was no answer. He completed his patrol; he was suddenly aware of five teenagers had black eyes. They were grim looking. They held onto their sharp hatchets in their pale, right, hands. 

And they grinned like a maniac, and one of them, Lowell Wright, a sixteen year old loner, brought his hatchet downward...and the screaming started.


Tanya Ambrose was dressed in a black dress. She was kissing Tod. He seemed unperturbed by his cheating. "Alison will know now", he said. She glanced at him. "She's not like me", she said. Her long, blonde hair fell down her back; her hazel eyes focused on him. As he wrapped his strong arms across her body, their romance was disturbed by a teenage girl. In her left hand was a hatchet. She had black eyes. Her red dress was stained by blood; her face was full of scratches as if she was in a recent fight. "Emily Rogan", Tanya said. The girl grinned like a maniac. She was barefoot. She raised the weapon high in the air, then she slashed it across Tod's throat. Blood spilled. And he gasped with horror at the assault. Tanya screamed, then fled the dark woods. As she did so, six more children who had black eyes grinned, and waited to attack her with huge grins on their rotting, diseased, faces.


I stared at Jenson.

"What's going on? Everyone's mad", I asked him.

"It's not like a Hammer horror movie of the mid-nineteen sixties, or a Romero zombie movie", Jenson answered.

"We're not dealing with the undead; we're dealing with something else". I told him. He nodded, as I saw six black-eyed children armed with hatchets in their hands. Greg, Mary, and Elise, were barricaded inside 1364 State Road. We saw more police cars zooming around at eighty miles per hour towards several houses. I imagined that death was coming; death was a violent, systematic, release. My parents weren't human anymore. They were alien monsters intent on destruction. And I was given a .9mm gun. And we were aiming at their chests...and fired with fury.


I was nervous. 

"We can't leave Tennessee", Jenson said.

"We have to", I said.

"Mom is at ​Joel's Restaurant​ with Dad", Greg said. Mary held onto Elise's right hand. She was crying.

"What time are they coming home, Mary?", I asked her.

"Eleven PM", she said.

"That's in two and a quarter hours", I said.

And I shuddered, as we were prepared for the black-eyed children...and resume the fight.


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