Sambalpur and Monica

This is based on a true story. A beautiful and magnificent part depicted in the wall of my heart. An incident which holds its impression throughout the journey of life. With a flavour of humour, you will find it more interesting and lively. She was beautiful. She wore spectacles. I was speechless that just wondering. Fell in love with her every day. Exchange letters, shares gift, drama and many more.


3. Chapter 2

It was April and sun was leaving no stone unturned to show his love through heat waves making life difficult. The road was deserted by 11 am and the playing of vehicles starts by 4 pm. We were having coaching classes thrice a week in the morning. Like TTS ( Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) or MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). We opted to go SOFT SKILL by 3 pm in the afternoon. WHY? This is the only time when no one comes between mam and us. Mam especially comes to the office in the afternoon to teach us.


I was having an Avon Bicycle at that time and we used to ride bicycles to reach. Paun didn’t have a  cycle with him so I picked him to get a free ride. I was having a NOKIA 1650 red and white colour handset.


We were going to soft skill and in between my phone rang. I was in seven when I saw the name of Neha mam. A sweet commanding voice flows from the speaker of my phone asking “where are you Bishnu?”  and I gave her the same reply every time “mam I am on the way?”. There is a point replying in such a way is that I didn’t know much what to say. So it’s come with a smart, convenient and effective way to hide. You know the govt. school students they are proficient in their mother tongue except for English. Our written English was impeccable but when it comes to having the conversation we were unable to utter a single word.


The very first day in soft skill we three of us sitting in a row and there is a white long table between mam and us

. She wore a light green yet transparent salwar and kurta. Her transparent salwar allows us to have a glimpse of her wonderful physic. Her leg was in perfect shape like the chicken leg piece. My eye gazed as far as they can go. She generally wore black colour undergarments. 

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