Sambalpur and Monica

This is based on a true story. A beautiful and magnificent part depicted in the wall of my heart. An incident which holds its impression throughout the journey of life. With a flavour of humour, you will find it more interesting and lively. She was beautiful. She wore spectacles. I was speechless that just wondering. Fell in love with her every day. Exchange letters, shares gift, drama and many more.


2. Chapter 1

I was busy in my own life, like going to coaching, playing video games hang out with friends. Every day same routine follows and of course staring at girls. This is a very common thing in a boys life. Boys and girls attractions are as natural as the opposite poles of a magnet. It's a chemical attraction that far beyond my understanding. Uhhh! whatever it may be its good. We ( Dhara, Paun and me) used to hang out in the evening. We have a very wonderful place to visit. It's approx 16 km away outskirt from the running, over polluted, and crowded town. The bank of great river Mahanadi. A 7-8 km long dyke. I used to go this place with Pintu dada and with their friends. They were smoking and drinking, sometimes I accompany them for ganja (marijuana). I was not consuming alcohol at that time.The best thing about this place is its tranquillity and a freedom to go mad. Actually, this place was discovered by Pintu dada.


A point came like a devil in every boy's life. What to do next. we were in our graduation final year and that time this was a billion-dollar question that what to do next? Everyone was saying that if you were not proficient in English no one is going to offer a job. you can't crack the interviews etc. At a point, it feels like all skills and knowhow you have acquired by spending half of your life ruined only because of a foreign language ENGLISH. I planned to pursue an MBA from a reputed college. I don't  have any idea what to do. It was granted that if you couldn't utter a word correctly or have a conversation in English you were nothing. We followed the herd. Sometimes it better to follow the herd when you don't have any concrete Idea.


We started our investigation about institution offering English classes. Here when writing the word Investigation it gives a sense of a detective while in reality there was only 3 to 4 institution. Now the vital problem is money. Who was charging less money and providing good infrastructure? Forget about the quality of education, the requirement was a mere fee and good Infrastructure with additional facilities and obviously beautiful girls. It was summer and the scorching heat of summer wave made the life harsh. We started visiting institutions one after another in the evening. We attend some demo classes. We were in an endless discussion where to join. Finally, we joined OFT SKILL ( It's the fictitious name as I can't use the real name of the institution. Readers are so smart that they can understand it and smart enough to guess the real name).


you were thinking that OFT SKILL was a very good and the price was relatively low. You were wrong. We choose OFT SKILL only because it was the only institute comes with fully air-conditioned room and the faculty was a sexy, slim, hot and gorgeous lady. What? That was not enough? Yes, this was enough for us to join. What the course fee? Who cares? It was relatively high as compared to other institutions. 




Stay tuned for next episode....

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