Hey, guys! Hope you like this horror story! I'll try to start posting every week, if I can!
Thank you so much!! Happy reading!


4. Going Back.

The weeks following Liam's death were a quiet few. All of us were silent, mourning. We all knew what had happened, and we all knew no one believed us. It was tough with him gone. The happy, good boy Liam. Dead. At random moments in class, at home, in the store, I would start crying, shivering, screaming. I would never forget his body. Mangled, bloody, de-limbed, beheaded. It was torturous. 

One lunch, after a long while after his death, I finally spoke up, breaking the silence. "I'm going back" I told them. They immediately knew what I was talking about. Mixed exclamations of: "No! You can't! You'll be murdered!" and Katie's sobbing met this statement. "I have to know what happened. I looked it up. There was a death four years ago. That's why they locked it up. A little girl that lived there- she was ill- she was killed by a horrible murderer, who was never found. I think he can't move from the place because he thinks he will be found and then killed. He ruthlessly murdered the little girl, raped and strangled her to death, someone's still got to be looking for him" I told them. They stared at me. "He won't attack us unless we stick together" I finished. More calls of protest met this statement. "We'll all be killed! How can you be sure we won't die?" etc, etc. "Do you want to find Liam's killer or what?" I asked when they stopped talking. Silence met this. 


So, we went.


And horrible things happened.

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