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3. Enter

After school, we all met up at the flagpole in front of the school. Liam is the last one, kissing his girlfriend goodbye. She pouts and asks him if he can come over, and he replies that he'll see her at seven for dinner. She smiles a little and hops in her friends car, which is packed full of girls. She blows him a kiss as it pulls out of the lot. He pretends to catch it.

"I think I puked in my mouth a little" Ben says, looking at the car as it pulls onto the road and speeds away. "You don't have to like her, bro, you just gotta' pretend to" Liam says happily, clapping him on the back. Melissa stands in the shade of a tree as if she'll burn if the sun touches her. She even has an umbrella with her, even though it's not raining. She uses it to protect her pale skin. "Well, everyone, let's get going" I say to them, pointing to my car. "What about the twins?" Liam asks, looking around as if they're going to appear out of nowhere. "They're meeting us there. They got a new car" Ben says sadly. "Cool! Let's go, then!" Liam says happily, marching toward my car. "Well, are you coming?" he asked loudly.


When we get there, Katie and Sadie are already in the driveway, leaning against their new silver Chevy Cruze. I grin at them. My car is so much better than theirs (I have a black Ferrari 488 Spider), but I'm happy for them. They've been basically begging their parents for two years for a car.

The mansion itself was giant. I grinned, this would be the best game ever. 

The door was creaking on the hinges, open. It looked close to falling off. I pushed it open a little more so that I could fir through. It groaned and the crashed into the porch rather loudly. Startled, I jumped. Melissa just looked at  it and looked at me. "Oops" she says. I chuckle, my adrenaline still pumping heavily. Ben is panicking. "It scratched me! I'm going to have to get a tetanus shot! I'm going to get an infection! They're going to have to cut off my arm!" (etc, etc.) (eye roll). "Chill out." Sadie says, approaching him with a band-aid she pulled from her bag. She applies it to his shoulder, where there is a cut about as deep as a paper cut. I roll my eyes. "Let's get inside, guys" I say. 

We do, gathering in the foyer. "Who's it?" I ask, looking at them all. "Nose goes!" Katie calls, poking her nose. Everyone followed her example. Liam lost. "I'll count to twenty, then come looking" he says. We all nod. "Ready. Set. GO!" he says, closing his eyes and starting to count. 1, 2, 3. I scramble up the stairs, Melissa following. Ben follows Sadie into the kitchen like a lost puppy. Katie runs into the living room. I head into what used to be an old bathroom, hiding in the tub. Melissa enters one of the bedrooms. 16, 17, 18. I draw the curtain quietly. 20! I hear pattering footsteps, so I quiet my breath. 

I sit in the tub for what seems like hours, then I hear a scream. A bloodcurling scream. I pull the curtains back quickly, running downstairs, where the scream came from. The first thing I see is Katie clutching the sofa. Her knuckles are as white as her face, where tears are streaming down her cheeks. She is screaming. I run to her. "Katie! What happened?" I ask her, panicked. She turns to me and buries her head into my shoulder, shivering and screaming. She points to the floor in front of the couch. I glance toward it and my eyes widen. I start to shiver. I feel cold. I open my mouth and scream. Tears stream down my face. On the floor.


What's left of him, that is. 

He looks to be disemboweled. There is blood everywhere. On the floor, seeping out from everywhere on him, it seems. It looks like he was torn to bits. His limbs are separate from his body. His head lying not too far away. His body is split in two. "I-I heard him walking toward me and then I hard something like a gurgling. I thought he was trying to scare me." Katie sputters, her screaming replaced by the tears. She's sobbing uncontrollably. I see Sadie and Ben standing in the doorway, about to enter the living room. Sadie looks at her sister, afraid. "STAY OVER THERE! DON'T COME IN!" I yell at them. They don't need to see this. "GET OUT OF HERE!" I hear Melissa yell from behind me. "ALL OF YOU! LET'S GO!"

She probably saved us that night. We all left the house. Katie and me bawling our eyes out. To this day, I still don't know if she actually saw Liam or if she just sensed the disturbance in the air. 

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