Hey, guys! Hope you like this horror story! I'll try to start posting every week, if I can!
Thank you so much!! Happy reading!


2. Beginning.

"The abandoned mansion?" Ben asks nervously. I nod, smiling. "It'll be great! Dark, creepy. A perfect place to play hide and seek." I tell them. "You don't think our mom will be mad, do you, Maddy?" Katie asks, nodding toward her twin sister, Sadie. "No, because you're not telling them that we're going. You're telling them you're going to be at a small party at my house. My parents will back us up." I grinned. My parents are basically the best. "Really, great! This Halloween is going to be great!" Liam exclaims, clapping a nervous-looking Ben on the back. As always, Melissa is being super quiet, although, she's grinning slightly. The dark, creepy mansion is just her style.

I honestly have no idea how we all became friends, we're all so different. Ben, germophobe, nervous-wreck, fear-filled Ben. The twins, who seem to literally have a psychic connection; Katie, the 'witch', and Sadie, the 'seer'. Liam,  popular, goodie-goodie, rich-kid, always-gets-everything-but-never-takes-anything-for-granted Liam. Melissa, the dark, mysterious Melissa, who has random moments of deep concentration. And me, Maddy, the plan-maker, the 'brave heart', the one who drags everyone together to do something interesting, the one with the 'cool' parents. 

"Sadie will protect you, Ben, don't worry" Liam says, winking at Ben, who looks close to puking. "There are rats in old, creepy buildings like that. That have rabies. I'm not scared, just precautious" Ben tells us, I am holding back laughing, and it's tough. "Come on, Ben, don't be such a party-pooper" Sadie says, pouting in his direction. His eyes widen and he looks at his feet, blushing hard-core (it's not a secret that he likes her, but he likes to think it is). "Okay, then. But if I see a rat- even if it's dead- I'm out of there" he says, attempting to sound cool and epically failing. Sadie perks up and blows him a kiss, which he rejects in an attempt to seem uninterested. We all know it's fake as hell. Sadie giggles and Katie pretends to barf. "G-ross" she says. We all laugh heartily before we hear the bell ring. "Ta-ta, girls," Liam says. "See you in Civics, Ben" he says before retreating into the throng of students filing down the hall. Ben looks startled. "Wait up!" he calls, running after his best friend. I look at around. Melissa hasn't touched a bit of her lunch. "Bye, everyone" I say. I stand up and leave the same way that Liam and Ben went.

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