Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


9. 9

Deshret nodded awake and noticed she is in a dome, dark grey paneled room and lying on a cot before looking further to see Valkyrie Droid hovering next to Lord Valkyrie as he spoke, “Good, you are awake.” Deshret jumped forward and swung at Lord Valkyrie only to be caught by one of Valkyrie Droid’s arms.  His droid twisted Deshret’s wrist in a firm, steady twist and she screamed as she grabbed the droid’s rotating hand with her other hand, but is futile till Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Droid stop.” His droid’s hand stopped turning and turned it's rotating head to look at Valkyrie as he ordered again, “Release her.” His droid let go of Deshret’s right wrist and she immediately pulled back and massaged it.  She glared at Lord Valkyrie (as if ignoring his intimidating mask and large, dark form) and asked, “Where am I?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “You are onboard my flagship, the ESS Valkyrie.” She opened her mouth when he cut her off, “I spared you from execution from Captain Cruz because out of your colleagues you are the only one that was misguided and limited your abilities.” Deshret clinched her fists as she stood and yelled at Lord Valkyrie angrily, “I was not misguided!  The Kaiser showed me my true power!” Lord Valkyrie replied calmly, “No he did not.  You can do more than just play with sand and dirt.  If he would have taught you properly, he would have showed you that you can manipulate other objects and fight without using your powers.” Deshret glared at him and asked, “Like you?” Valkyrie replied, “Yes.” Deshret glared at him silently as she thinks what is his endgame till she asked, “What do you want from me?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “I want you to become the first of the Knights of Vader.” Deshret looked confused and asked, “Who is, Vader?” Valkyrie answered, “If you join me I will tell you.” Deshret asked, “If I said no?” Valkyrie replied in a deep, menacing tone, “Then I will enjoy crushing you.” Deshret felt tensed and unable to move as she looked at herself with wide eyes before looking back at him and after a few moments she spoke (almost as if she’s begging), “Okay, I’ll join!” The tension ceased and Deshret stumbled a couple of steps and Lord Valkyrie paced before her as he spoke, “Before we proceed any further we need to change your name.” Deshret spoke as if asking, “Despite your promise that you will tell me who is Vader first?” Valkyrie stopped and looked at her (causing Deshret to flinch by his intimidating mask) before he answered, “Despite will do nicely, Ms. Despite.” Despite looked as if she is glaring at him before he resumed his pacing and began telling her who Vader was and when Valkyrie started she has his full attention.


    Lord Valkyrie resumed his pacing before Despite as he began, “The Knights of Vader is named after a great Sith Lord, Darth Vader.  He served under Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sideous, and Vader was his apprentice.  Since Vader’s turn to the dark side he has served under his master while at the same time he has been collecting and gaining knowledge of the Sith and Jedi when Darth Sideous was not aware and Vader kept his findings from his master’s knowledge.” Despite asked, “Why would Darth Vader kept secrets from his master if he was his apprentice?” Valkyrie looked at her and replied, “Since he has become Sideous’s apprentice, Darth Sideous repeatedly challenged Darth Vader with someone who he believes is more powerful than him and lost.  So Darth Vader hide his emotions and decided to learn the ways of the force on his own to find a way to destroy Sideous, only something else happened and the knowledge he collected remains hidden and his goal remains unfinished, despite other people, like the Knights of Ren, tried to fulfill his dream, but failed.” Despite asked, “What is his goal?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Lord Vader’s goal is...” There is a soft ping noise and Captain Cruz spoke on the intercom, “My lord, we have reached Nebian II.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Has their civil war ended captain?” Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.  They are even holding a public execution of the leader of The Unity and we estimate there are over 10,000 people attending.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Have the ESS Dauntless come alongside and await for my arrival before descending to that rally.” Cruz answered, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie turned to Despite, pointed to the wall to her left and part of the wall panel formed into a built-in flat screen tv and showed the rally of the execution and Lord Valkyrie said, “Watch and learn.” He then turned around and left, leaving Despite alone and watched the beginning of the execution.

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