Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


8. 8

The stormtrooper’s squad looked up from their cover to see Lord Valkyrie’s sword in his left hand as their and Lord Valkyrie’s helmets concealed their expressions as they bared witness to this strange sight, while Kaiser looked on with his expression less face except his wide eyes (as if in shock).  After a few moments, Kaiser asked, “Who are you?” The stormtrooper replied, as he remained where he was but stood ready for any surprises, “Trooper MM-1987.” Kaiser then stretched out his right hand at MM-1987 and spoke, as if ordering him, “Give me the weapon, pawn MM-1987.” MM-1987 replied, “You want it,” MM-1987 turned ready to fight as he grabbed the hilt with both hands and a white beam from the hilt appeared as he continued, “come get it, scum.” Kaiser turned his outstretched hand, in a grasping motion, and MM-1987 is suddenly throttled forward with the white beam of the lightsaber stretched and flew towards Kaiser, dragging MM-1987 behind in the air, as if something grabbed it and pulled MM-1987 through its wake.  Just as quickly as MM-1987 was flying behind, MM-1987 immediately throttled his himself and kicked Kaiser directly in the chest with both of his white boots and sending him sprawling onto his back as MM-1987 and the lightsaber he held was about to reach Kaiser’s grasp and MM-1987 stumbled a little as he landed back onto his feet.  MM-1987 yelled as he brought his lightsaber down at Kaiser (as he was trying to get up) when Kaiser raised his right arm in a blocking motion and struck his forearm and held it back as the lightsaber did not leave a scorch mark.  MM-1987 pushed down hard on the lightsaber till Kaiser shoved his right forearm upwards and threw MM-1987 back as Kaiser got up.  MM-1987 charged and swung his sword from down up, but Kaiser deflected it with his right forearm and deflected/blocked more blows from MM-1987 as he backed up and MM-1987 swung almost wildly at Kaiser as he tried to land a blow on him.  Suddenly, Kaiser swung his right hand up in a sweeping motion and a large chunk of the ground, surrounding MM-1987, rose beneath MM-1987 and nearly stumbled as he tried to balance himself till the rising stopped and he is a couple of stories towering over Kaiser.  Once it did stop MM-1987 did not hesitate as he immediately jumped over the edge and swung his lightsaber as he came down towards Kaiser, but ended up again striking Kaiser’s right forearm (as he rose for defense) and forced Kaiser to roll on the ground backwards one time and stumbled back onto his feet.  One of the stormtroopers called out, “Get him MM-1987!  Kick his ass!”  And others began calling or cheering, “Send him back to his grave!  Fuck him up!  Show him what stormtroopers are made of!” MM-1987 brought down the lightsaber again, as he yelled, when Kaiser began standing up but again his blow was blocked by Kaiser’s right forearm and when he blocked it, Kaiser threw his left hand up and struck the palm of his open hand on MM-1987’s chest armor and MM-1987 was throttled back and struck his back against the side of the rosed ground behind him.  In two quick steps, Kaiser approached MM-1987 and with extreme calm, threw his right fist at the stormtrooper’s face.  


    Kaiser threw his right fist but instead of smashing MM-1987’s face he struck the dirt behind him as MM-1987 jumped/flipped over him and Kaiser quickly turned about only when he did, he was sliced across the chest by the lightsaber MM-1987 held and he gave a short gasp as he immediately fell to the ground with his left hand over the sliced chest wound and yellowish liquid began seeping through his hand and dripped onto the ground.  MM-1987 stood over Kaiser as a stormtrooper called out in the short silence, “Hoorah!” Kaiser looked up at MM-1987, as if unfazed by the gash mark across his chest, with a blank expression as MM-1987 stated, “By the order of Lord Valkyrie and The Empire, you are hereby to be executed for crimes against humanity.” In one quick motion, MM-1987 rose the lightsaber and brought the white beam straight down onto Kaiser’s body when suddenly Kaiser threw up his left, open, hand and fired a yellow energy bolt at close range that it struck MM-1987 in the chest and he flipped backwards in the air (as he gave a short yelp in shock) and came down hard on his front onto the ground and the lightsaber turned off as he laid motionless and groaned.  Kaiser stood up as the wound on his chest healed till there is not even a scar as he looked down upon MM-1987, as he still laid motionless, and he spoke blatantly, “Weak.  A tool cannot defeat a...” He is struck on the left shoulder by an energy bolt and fell onto the ground.  A lead (Shadow) trooper stood up with his blaster rifle raised and called out, “Squad, attack!” As Kaiser stood up (with the scorch mark on his left shoulder healing) the rest of the stormtroopers, behind the Shadow Trooper, stood up and moved out from cover, raised their blasters and fired at Kaiser.  Kaiser stumbled backwards as he is repeatedly shot till he stopped, stood erect with his hands out (as if praying) and the bolts of energy bounced off an invisible shield in front of him.  Kaiser smirked, as he looked upon them, and said, “When will you understand?  You are pawns.  You should kneel before me and pray...” There is a piercing scorch sound as a red beam of a lightsaber shot through his chest, where his heart should be, and he gasped as he looked down with surprise.


    Major Greers looked on as the pilots of his Imperial Walker continued to move the black painted walker onward and fire upon the crazies ahead of them when one of the pilots looked over her right shoulder and said, “Sir, we are approaching the main structure.” Greers spoke to his headset within his helmet, “My lord, we are approaching the main pyramid and are about to commence firing.” He looked up as he pulled down a periscope and looked as he twisted the handle bars on the sides to line up the crosshairs.  When the crosshairs lined up to the center and entrance of the steel made looking pyramid Greers spoke aloud, “Target, maximum firepower!” The main batteries of the black Imperial Walker fired and the grand, narrow entrance of the pyramid exploded into a ball of fire and the surrounding Imperial and Gorilla Walkers followed suit and fired their main batteries at various points of the mountain size pyramid.  Greers took his eyes off his scope and looked ahead to see the entrance exploded and the rest of the pyramid being bombarded.  The walkers continued moving towards the pyramid, even as they continued firing, when the feet of the walkers started to stomp at the base of the pyramid and began crushing the foundations and the structure of the pyramid itself.  The pilot of Greer’s walker spoke, “Hold position.” Greers immediately pushed his scope back up and he stated, “Belay that order!” The lead pilot looked back and Greers continued, “Crush the pyramid with the walker’s feet and continue firing.  I want nothing of that pyramid left standing!” The pilots acknowledged and relayed Greers orders and the Imperial and Gorilla Walkers all began stomping on the pyramid as they and the Imperial Tanks, troopers and the rest of The Empire’s war machine either on the air or ground fired directly onto the pyramid and the structure collapsed onto itself with the center of the structure falling into a dark abyss and the walkers closest to the center fired into the black void and created multiple flashes and thunderous explosion sounds till the pyramid ceased to exist and all that is left is a field of rocks and chunks of metal.


    The Shadow and stormtroopers ceased firing as Lord Valkyrie appeared and stood closely behind Kaiser as Kaiser looked at him over his right shoulder and Lord Valkyrie spoke deep and menacingly, “To me.” The steel blade folded out within the lightsaber and created a bigger hole in Kaiser’s chest and back and made multiple bone snapping sounds in the process as Kaiser’s body jerked backwards and Kaiser cried out, only to make gurgling sounds as yellow liquid leaked/dribbled from his mouth.  Kaiser looked down at the red lighted blade and grasped it with his shaky hands.  The blade twisted left and right as soon as Kaiser touched it and made juicy and cracking sounds and Kaiser grasped it as he tried to stop it, but was futile and when it stopped turning, Kaiser spoke with yellow liquid bubbling out of his mouth, “This...…can’t...…happen.  I...…am....A...…God.” Lord Valkyrie spoke in his same blood curdling voice, “You were never a God.  You are another corpse.” Lord Valkyrie ripped his sword out upwards, making a loud juicy sound, as the metal lighted sword ripped through Kaiser’s chest cavity, upper spine and neck as his sword exited through Kaiser’s head as it ripped it apart and yellow, juicy chunks sprayed out and Kaiser’s torn V shaped and almost headless corpse dropped onto the ground and yellow liquid immediately pooled around his corpse.  There was a groan sound and Lord Valkyrie looked over to see MM-1987 getting up to his knees and struggling to stand as Lord Valkyrie approached him and said, “MM-1987.” MM-1987 immediately tried his best to snap to attention and he responded, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie barely moved his head as he looked up and down at MM-1987’s dirty white armor before he spoke, “Report to Captain Cruz after your squad’s after battle briefing back on the ship.” MM-1987 acknowledged and made an about face and left when Lord Valkyrie dismissed him.


    Her vision came back to focus as she groaned and nodded awake and looked about till she saw what’s left of Kaiser, laying in a pool of his golden blood and Deshret just stared at his corpse, speechless.  She heard an emotionless voice that drew her attention and saw a dirty, dented armor stormtrooper approach Lord Valkyrie and asked if he has Lord Valkyrie’s permission to take Kaiser’s blood that surrounds his corpse and Lord Valkyrie put his hands to his hips and asked, “Is collecting your victim’s blood your fetish MM-1987?” MM-1987 quickly replied, “No sir!  Somehow his body is able to deflect blows from a sword and maybe Kaiser’s blood may hold the key to develop body armor that is stronger than what we are wearing sir.” Lord Valkyrie stood there for a few moments and stared down at MM-1987 when he broke the silence, “Very well MM-1987, you may proceed.” MM-1987 saluted and moved towards Kaiser’s corpse and pulled out a device that looked like a miniaturized version of a car battery, from his utility belt, and pulled out a short, transparent, hose and hovered the end of it close to the golden liquid on the ground and he slowly walked about as the hose sucked up the golden liquid, leaving the dirt and rubble on the ground as if it wasn’t touched as Lord Valkyrie watched him like a hawk.  Deshret watched with intense anger as her pupils dilated, but she remained still, lying face forward so she would not be noticed that she is awake, as MM-1987 collected all of Kaiser’s blood from the ground and left, leaving Lord Valkyrie alone and standing no more than a few feet away from her.  Deshret’s hands tensed up as she opened her palms to the ground and the dirt began to swirl about her hands as she whispered a chant, “Hey!” Desphet looked up to her right and saw Captain Cruz standing over for a moment before she saw the butt of her rifle and Deshret’s vision went black again as she was knocked unconscious.  


    Lord Valkyrie immediately removed his hands from his hips and looked at the source of a female trooper’s voice to see Captain Cruz standing over Deshret and knocking her out cold.  Cruz flipped her rifle and aimed at Deshret’s head when Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Hold your fire captain.” Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie, still aiming at Deshret, and asked, “What do we do with her my lord?” Lord Valkyrie looked at the unconscious form of Deshret and replied, “Take her back to ship and put her in isolation.  Without dirt or sand her powers are useless, but, she is more powerful than what she realizes and be of some use.” Captain Cruz dropped her aim and holstered her rifle as she acknowledged, pulled up Deshret’s unconscious body and slung her over her right shoulder with ease as Cruz and Lord Valkyrie made their way back when a Shadow Trooper stopped them (with two squad’s of stormtroopers behind him), stood at attention and asked, “Sir, the people Kaiser was about to execute?” Lord Valkyrie pondered for a few moments and replied, “Tell them who we are and leave them, our mission is done here.  Notify Commodore Ramos to prepare for warp back to Nebian II.” The Shadow Trooper acknowledged and he and the stormtroopers behind him were dismissed and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz continued their way back to their shuttle.

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