Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


7. 7

The vast landscape is majority desert except the few miles of land that borders the rivers that run from the oceans inwards and one of these fertile lands lies the largest city on the continent that borders the ocean and the mouth of the largest river on the continent.  This city, Nevo, was vast and thriving till the center of this metropolis is replaced by a large, mountain size, pyramid made out of steel beams and metal framework that gave it a modern look while the rest of the city, the outlining buildings and structures, is in shambles and looked like they have been through a tornado or air raid.  Three young men and woman, wearing military grade suits, hid on the second floor of one of these buildings as one of their own laid on his back, unconscious, as they surrounded him.  One of them looked fearful and asked aloud,  “Daisy, what are we going to do?”  The redhead girl looked at their unconscious friend and replied (trying to hold back her fear),  “We, we must make him comfortable till he wakes up Samuel.”  The other boy looked at her, as if she spoke strangely, and spoke,  “Daisy, really, we can’t hide forever!  Those psychos will find us and when they do...”  Suddenly the wall behind them was ripped away and half the floor fell as Daisy, instinctively, ducted and leaned over to cover their unconscious comrade till the dust settled and when they looked up and outside, they saw five individuals standing on the dirt covered ground below and before them.  


    The first person of the five is a tall, slender male that looked like he is made out of ice and was henceforth called Ice and projected either snow, ice or cold water either from his hands or body.  The second, a young, black haired, white woman, is nearly covered in tattoos and wears stripped, ragged bandages all around her body as she starred menacingly at the suited young people with her double irised eyes with the ability to control sand or dirt made structures with her hands and mind is known as Deshret.  Third, female but barely recognizable, wore samurai knights body armor as well as holding both her samurai swords and stood at the ready to fight is called Samari.  The armor suited male, Waller, stood like a sentinel with his helmet covering his face and head as he stood at the ready to erect or build metal barriers to protect his comrades should they ever be attacked by the others on the second floor, staring at them either frightened or shocked.  Standing before all four is a towering, gold skinned, hair, armored, muscular male with solid white eyes and his hands and arms opened wide, as if beckoning the people on the second floor to come to him, as he stated,  “Your resistance is meaningless, come, come to Kaiser and have thee grant you god like powers to serve before him.”  They looked down at their opponents below and Daisy retorted aloud,  “We’ll never join you!  Nor will anyone be your slave!”  Kaiser stated,  “Then you shall die.”  His four comrades behind him stepped forward when all of a sudden they were all blindsided and knocked off their feet by an unknown force.  Kaiser looked back and then he was blindsided as well but kept himself from falling as he stumbled and he kept stumbling as he was hit repeatedly about half a dozen times (as well as Kaiser s followers, forcing some to keep falling hard onto the ground).  Suddenly he swung he right fist low and there was a loud  “SNAP”  and all of a sudden a short white haired boy (in the same suit as the others in the building) appeared and screamed as his left led is dislocated at the knee and he flew in the air and tumbled hard till his body slammed up against a smashed wall.  Just as Kaiser dislocated the white haired boy s leg a young, blond haired woman appeared from the ground and threw a punch at the right side of Kaiser’s face, only to be stopped as she raised her fist when Kaiser immediately (as if instinctively) grabbed her throat and lifted her off her feet and began choking her.  


    The shoulder length blond haired woman looked shocked as she choked and grabbed Kaiser s wrist and forearm, trying futility to break his firm grip, all the while Kaiser looked up at the woman’s friends on the second floor as he stated calmly,  “You cannot trick a god.”  Daisy and the others (except the one that is still unconscious) stood near the edge as she yelled in anger,  “LET HER GO YOU MONS..”  Two of her friends raised their hands and one removed his glasses as his eyes turned into bright red orbs when suddenly they stopped in mid-motion.  The one boy’s bright red eyes stopped glowing and his eyes turned to normal as he and the others (including Daisy) struggled by an unknown force that is holding them in place as Kaiser spoke,  “Like I have told you before, your weak powers are no match for a god.  Now for your disobedience you will bear witness to your friend’s death and know your place.”  The woman continued choking as the others watched helplessly and the woman’s hands began to slip off as her eyes fogged and drifted into unconsciousness when a pillar of red light flew and cut off Kaiser’s right forearm and the woman collapsed onto the ground as the red pillar of light immediately flew back to its point of origin, all the while everyone looked on in shock (as well as Kaiser) as Kaiser immediately watched the beam of light fly back to its origin to see a dark cloaked, robotic, masked figure standing on top of a pile of rubble.


    Lord Valkyrie caught the hilt of his sword, as it flew back to his grasp, and he spoke,  “You have no right to rule.”  Kaiser looked at the stump, that was his right hand and fore arm, as it rapidly regrew before gazing up at Lord Valkyrie and responded to his comment,  “Cutting me up will do you no good.”  Lord Valkyrie stated,  “I am not here to cut you up.”  Behind and to his right and left storm and various other troopers appeared with their blasters raised and in the distance Imperial, Gorilla, Scout and AT-TE Walkers and Imperial Mobile Suits (IMS’s) appeared as the ground shook beneath their feet and Lord Valkyrie stated,  “We are here to restore balance to this world and end your threat to the galaxy.”  Kaiser’s hand and fore arm fully healed and he massaged it as he spoke,  “My people and my disciples think otherwise.”  There were moaning sounds and out of the rubble, in front of Lord Valkyrie and the troopers, the people of the city emerged and looked worn or ragged and had either a zombie or trance like stares and the four people that stood behind Kaiser stood in front of him, ready to fight, and Kaiser stated,  “Tame their disobedience.”  Deshret and Ice fired pillars of sand and ice cold water at Lord Valkyrie and the troops around him but they suddenly stopped and they dispersed before them, as if the sand and water struck an invisible barrier.  The troopers stumbled back a step or two as Lord Valkyrie continued to hold up his right hand and kept the sand and cold water at bay.  The people under Kaiser s spell charged at Lord Valkyrie and the troopers and the stormtroopers opened fire, sending bolts of red light at the people and cut them down while the walkers stomped up behind the troopers and fired a barrage of blaster fire onto the people below.  The Lead Troopers yelled,  “FAN OUT!  FAN OUT!”  And the stormtroopers spread out and fired at the people that charged after them with automatic rifles and immediately the area turn into a block by block war zone.  


    Samari jumped over the invisible wall Lord Valkyrie erected and swung her swords only to be blocked by Lord Valkyrie’s.  Deshret and Ice ceased using their powers as Samari engaged in a samurai sword fight with Lord Valkyrie.  Samari engaged Lord Valkyrie with quick (seemingly erratic) but precious swings and strikes (both with her swords and kicks) as Lord Valkyrie engaged defensively and is able to block/dodge her blows while at the same time, block Deshret and Ice’s attacks (either as gusts of sand flying at him or spiked icicle balls of ice) using his mind.  A squad of stormtroopers took cover behind a large pile of rubble and fired their blasters from the cover as one of the troopers yelled over the howling angry cries of the people and fire coming from both sides,  “NN-788, keep that high ground clear!”  NN-788 yelled back,  “Copy NM-123!”  And three crazed people appeared on the high ground of a knocked down structure and NN-788 fired his RT-97C and cut down two of the people while forcing another behind cover as he kept peppering the high ground till all of a sudden the entire high ground exploded as an Imperial Walker fired its main cannons.  One of the stormtroopers looked back and saw an Imperial Walker right behind them and NN-788 yelled, “Move out of the way!  Now!” The stormtroopers immediately jumped from their positions, as they saw the Imperial Walker, and ran forward as the walker’s feet stomped and crushed the pile of rubble behind them.  The troopers ran to the left, to another cover position, as the Imperial Walker stopped walking to the right and they heard over their mike’s in their helmets, “This is Imperial Walker 991 pilot to storm squad 54-5A, sorry troopers, didn’t notice you were under us.” NM-123 responded sarcastically, “Next time use your eyeballs!” Captain Cruz immediately ran forward and from left to right she fired her rifle, taking out multiple crazies as they charged after her till one jumped from behind a large pile of rubble with her back turned to it.  When the person made a high pitch scream, as it fell on top of Cruz, Cruz swung her rifle and with a loud “Crack” sound the crazy flew to the left of Cruz and fell with every bone on the right side of his face smashed in.  Another crazy person charged at Cruz and the captain flipped and kicked the person across the face while at the same time firing her rifle and taking out two others as they charged after her.  The storm and lead troopers close to Cruz, from behind cover, looked on as Cruz suddenly kneeled in front of them (exposed) and, with rapid succession, fired her rifle and single handled take out more than a dozen crazed people that are under Kaiser’s spell.  She then turned her head to the troopers behind her and she yelled through the mike in her red helmet, “TROOPS!  UNLEASH THE STORM!” Some of the stormtroopers looked at each other, for a few moments, when suddenly all the lead troopers yelled, “STORM!” And at that moment, all the storm, scout and the rest of the troopers in the battlefield, screamed/yelled as they jumped from their protected positions and fired all their blasters as they charged ahead and right into the swarm of crazed people under Kaiser’s spell and unleashed their wrath of order within the chaos.


    Lord Valkyrie blocked every swing of Samari’s samurai swords as she tried to press upon him with Ice and Deshret using their powers in an attempt either to distract Valkyrie from behind or take him out by surprise but to no avail.  Samari swung her sword and Lord Valkyrie deflected it with ease and Samari immediately jump over him and he turned to face her, but unfortunately was too slow as he blocked the first blow from her sword but her second sword knocked his off his hands, with the blade of his sword retracting back into the hilt before it struck the ground, and Lord Valkyrie was defenseless.  Samari yelled with pride, “Die abomination!” And she brought down both her swords, but stopped as Lord Valkyrie grabbed both of them with his gloved hands and held them back.  They both stood, as if struggling under each other’s power while Lord Valkyrie continued to block Deshret and Ice’s sand and ice balls, and Samari grunted, “You don’t deserve this power!  Only Kaiser and his disciplines have this strength!” Lord Valkyrie replied, “I do not deserve it?” His eyes turned darker red as he spoke deep with anger, “You are nothing but a pawn on a chess board.  You do not deserve to exist!  AHH!” With his right boot he kicked Samari hard in the center of her chest (making a loud snap sound) and both of her samurai swords snapped (close to their hilts) as she flew back and zipped past Ice and Deshret (as they quickly leaned over to their left/right sides as she flew past) before stopping as she hit a large stone wall (almost breaking it down as multiple cracks appeared) and fell on her behind and sat motionless with her hands to her side as blood trickled from below her helmet and out the sides of her eyes and ears.  Ice, Deshret, Waller and Kaiser looked back and saw a deep boot print (where Lord Valkyrie kicked Samari) in the chest center of Samari’s motionless body before looking back at Lord Valkyrie and saw him dropping the blades of Samari’s swords, reached to his left and the hilt of Valkyrie’s sword flew straight to his outstretched hand.  Lord Valkyrie asked, “Who’s ne...” Suddenly he was blitzed from the right side by a steel shield by Waller and when he tried to get up he was hit head on by a large ball of ice that knocked him on his back.  


    Deshret kneeled and put her right hand on the ground and spoke an ancient dialect and in the battlefield, corpses of the dead people (possessed by Kaiser) rose from the ground and resumed their animal like behavior at the troopers.  Cruz and the troopers fired more rapidly, as she tried to keep from being overwhelmed by both the dead and the possessed, and one of the lead troopers put a hand on his helmet and yelled into the mike, “Send in air cover now!” Suddenly one of the Gorilla Walkers front legs gave way as the dead and possessed people clawed or pulled at one of its feet and forward (leaning to its right) and the same lead trooper looked up and saw it coming down and quickly grabbed and yanked a couple of the stormtroopers closets to him as he yelled, “WALKER COMING DOWN, WALKER COMING DOWN!  ALL HANDS!” The troopers heard his warning and they immediately ran as the walker fell and made a thunderous crash as it claimed a handful of troopers that were to close to escape.  Two stormtroopers ran up to the head of the downed Gorilla Walker and pulled open the escape hatch and one of them yelled, “You alright?” One of the pilots stumbled out and the stormtroopers helped the dazed commander out as the pilot replied, “Yeah, but we lost the co-pilot!” Lord Valkyrie stood and Deshret screamed as threw up her hands and the dirt ground, around Lord Valkyrie, flew up and he was surrounded by a fog of sand.  Valkyrie eyes changed from showing normal red viewing eyesight to thermal and took a step towards Deshret’s direction when suddenly his thermal went blank as Ice blew cold wind into the sand wind and blocked their body heat signatures.  Valkyrie spoke to himself, “Damn.” And changed his viewing back to his all red form and held the hilt of his sword up as the steel blade appeared and glanced around as he waited for them to attack.  


    Deshret ran from the small sandstorm, making a hissing sound, and struck Lord Valkyrie from behind across his right shoulder blade and Valkyrie grunted in pain as he swung his sword but missed as Deshret disappeared back into the sandstorm.  Valkyrie looked at his shoulder, scanned it and noticed his shoulder’s cut is shallow and his armor damaged.  Valkyrie looked around at the sandstorm and saw nothing but a muddy brown fog.  In his red vision part of it changed to show Deshret’s partially wilted face and body as her double pupils eyes flashed like small yellow headlights before she disappeared leaving a hair raising cackling laugh behind.  Valkyrie gave a short shiver as he felt something strong close to him and spoke into the sand mist, “I sensed great power within you Deshret.  Stop this foolish game and join me so I can show you your true power within.” Kaiser’s voice echoed, “An ancient princess cannot be persuaded by you.  My disciple is true to my beliefs and will do anything to protect my will.” A spiked ice ball appeared and flew right at Valkyrie as he barely dodged it before it smashed to pieces behind him and gave an angry grunt.  Valkyrie retracted his sword and holstered it before he threw his hands to either side as his voice echoed loudly with anger, “ENOUGH!” A transparent force pulsed from Lord Valkyrie and blew away the swirling dust and ice and knocked both Ice and Deshret onto their backs.  Lord Valkyrie gazed upon them as he pulled out his sword and walked towards their direction when suddenly he is engulfed in a metal dome as Waller threw up his hands.


    The stormtroopers fired at the crazed, possessed mob that charged after them either with sharp or blunt objects or guns and one of the lead troopers called over his wrist mike, “Where is our air cover?” And just as he said it the battle area before them was struck by multiple bolts of green light and exploded and as the lead trooper looked up, he saw a wave of Tie Fighters flying down.  A tie fighter rolled/flew around another to its left, as they both fired at the crowd below before flying up and other tie fighters flew around/right past the Gorilla and Imperial Walkers while some flew right between their legs as they gave ground cover for the troopers below.  The IMS’s took that as a cue and many of the IMS’s fired their jet packs and flew over the battlefield and fired their rifles giving more ground cover and routing the possessed/crazed mob by Kaiser and zombies by Deshret.  Captain Cruz continued firing at the retreating mob and she looked back, waved her left hand and called out, “Advance!” Just as she continued firing, the ground rumbled and all of a sudden more sand, zombie like, creatures sprouted up from the ground and one ran and jumped at Cruz from her right, only for Captain Cruz to duck and the zombie flew/rolled over Cruz’s back and Cruz spun around and blasted the creature’s head apart.  She then threw her cape and blinded another before firing a single bolt at the creature’s head and kicked another from behind, sending it flying back as it screeched.  Cruz whipped the barrel of her rifle at another creature, breaking off its jaw, and fired at another at close range when a crazed woman jumped onto her back and snarled/squealed as she tried choking Cruz.  Cruz lifted her feet up and threw the woman over her head as she snapped her neck before slamming her back to the ground and threw her cape back over her head and blew a charging craze coming after her with a knife with her rifle.  She then rifle butted a craze in the face as she kicked another in the knee (dislocating it) and swung her rifle as she butted another across the face as the other kneeled and screamed in pain before he was shot in the face by Cruz and she swung her rifle and took aim at a hoard of crazies coming right at her when all of a sudden the ground in front of her and the crazies exploded and vanish.  


    A dark shadow enveloped over and around Cruz as she looked behind and saw a black Imperial Walker stopped right behind her and looked down and Cruz spoke, “Good shot Greers.” Greers, in his grey officer armored uniform replied on his headset, “Just covering my superior Captain.” A male voice came over the radio, “The mob is flanking the left to get behind us.” Greers pulled down a periscope above and looked through with concern and saw a large hoard running behind wrecked buildings and structures with various blunt objects, guns and hand propelled rockets and Greers ordered, “1st Armored Division, move in and eliminate the flank.” There were multiple explosions as multiple block buildings exploded by rounds of artillery fire as the block shaped Imperial Tanks smashed through hill size piles of rubble and debris (like they were nothing).  Stormtroopers followed/ran behind the tanks (even as some followed alongside them) as the heavy vehicles sped through the streets with haste and blasted through anything that either blocked their path or the people tried to form a strong defense against them but either ended up being routed or crushed/blown away by the tank blitz.


    Waller, Deshret and Ice took notice of the people running away from the oncoming stormtroopers and forces of The Empire, even though they were under the spell of Kaiser, and they (except Waller as his helmet covered his face) looked on both angered and frustration when all of a sudden Lord Valkyrie screamed in anger as he smashed through a section of the metal dome and speared Waller through the center of his metal body with his beam saber.  Waller let out a gasp as Deshret and Ice snapped around and looked shocked at the sight and Deshret covered her mouth and gave a short yelp as Waller looked at Lord Valkyrie and tried to push him off, but he was too weak and felt the world slipping away from him.  Lord Valkyrie placed his left gloved hand on Waller’s right shoulder and the metal groaned till it bent inwards beneath Lord Valkyrie’s hand and Waller gave a loud grunt and Lord Valkyrie gazed at him hard with his bright red goggled eyes as he stated firmly, “I hate pawns.” And in one yank Lord Valkyrie pulled his beam saber up and ripped through the center of Waller’s chest, neck and split his head in half till his sword came out and Lord Valkyrie let Waller’s corpse go as it fell backwards and Waller’s body laid motionless as silver liquid poured out from his body that is nearly cut in half.  


    Ice yelled, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” And Ice fired a pillar of ice, snow and water from both his hands directly at Lord Valkyrie, only for Lord Valkyrie to snap his head towards the coming wrath of Ice and raised his left hand as his eyes turned bright red and the wrath of Ice stopped inches from Lord Valkyrie’s hand, as if struck an invisible shield.  In a rush, Lord Valkyrie turned off his lightsaber and flew straight at Ice (blasting through Ice’s wrath as if rushing through a waterfall), ignoring the ice, snow and water as it struck his body as he screamed with rage and his bright red eyes piercing the blue and white of Ice’s wrath and suddenly grasped Ice by the throat with his right glove and lifted him off the ground as ice and snow suddenly blew around both of them in hurricane force winds.  Ice looked shocked as he made choking sounds and grasped Lord Valkyrie’s outstretched glove and Deshret made a high pitch scream as she cringed in anger and the fingernails on her right hand peeled forward on her blue finger tips to turn into razor sharp nails and swung at Lord Valkyrie’s mask.  Lord Valkyrie snatched Deshret’s right wrist with his left glove and in a single twist, he snapped Deshret’s hand.  Deshret looked terrified as she screamed in pain when Lord Valkyrie released her wrist and in one swing he backhanded Deshret across the face and knocked her and laid unconscious.  Ice grabbed Valkyrie’s wrist and forearm with both his hands and his forearm began to freeze when Lord Valkyrie turned his attention back at Ice with ease.  Lord Valkyrie’s right forearm, wrist, helmet and mask froze as it worked its way towards his eyes when it slowed down and stopped as his eyes turned bright red that they almost looked like stop lights on a vehicle as Lord Valkyrie squeezed Ice’s throat.  Ice’s blue piercing eyes bulged out as he looked astounded (even as he choked) and the ice that formed on Valkyrie’s helmet, mask and forearm began unfreezing backwards till Valkyrie’s mask is completely thawed and the ice on his forearm disappeared and worked its way back up his wrist till only Ice’s hands remained grasping his wrist and forearm.  Ice rasped, “Im......poss....” His iced throat cracked and turned in a series of cracked spiderwebs and he moved both his hands to Lord Valkyrie’s clawed right glove and struggled under Valkyrie’s firm grip as Lord Valkyrie spoke firm and menacingly, “Your death, is mine.” Ice opened his mouth as he tried to scream from the pain, but nothing came out when suddenly his throat shattered and both his frozen head and headless body fell and the hurricane force wind of ice and snow that blew around Ice and Lord Valkyrie suddenly stopped and disappeared as if nothing happened.


    Ice’s headless body shattered as it fell while his severed head fell to the ground intact and laid there, melting slowly under the cloudy sky when Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Surrender now, or....” He was suddenly tackled from the side and tumbled on the ground, hard, till he slammed his back against a large metal sheeting that dented.  Valkyrie grunted as he tried to sit up and saw Kaiser standing a few feet away from him, as he looked down upon Lord Valkyrie as he spoke, “A God does not surrender to a fake.  The fake surrenders to a real God.” Lord Valkyrie stood up, drew his sword as the steel unfolded and stated, “The Empire will not surrender, to scum.” Kaiser stood with his hands raised and his head back, as if beckoning Valkyrie, as Lord Valkyrie walked briskly towards him and when he is upon Kaiser, he swung his sword up and brought it down on Kaiser’s head, only to suddenly stop inches from the top of his head as Kaiser closed both his hands near the top of the blade and held it back.  A stormtrooper squad noticed the conflict and one of them nodded its head in that direction and they moved with haste with their blasters at the ready.  The ground cracked and sank beneath Lord Valkyrie and Kaiser’s feet as they struggled when Kaiser thrusted both his hands up, forcing Lord Valkyrie’s blade up and in one, hard kick he kicked Lord Valkyrie and he flew back, losing his grip on his sword, and slammed his back and head onto a pile of rubble before falling onto the ground as his sword retracted and fell several feet away from him to his left.  Kaiser approached Valkyrie when the squad of stormtroopers appeared behind a pile of rubble to his right (with their blasters raised) and one of them yelled, “Freeze right...” Kaiser raised his right hand (as he continued to look straight at Valkyrie as he walked) and a yellow energy beam fired from his hand and struck the stormtroopers positions and blew them back.  One of the stormtroopers shook his head as he sat up and looked at himself to see he was unharmed while the others groaned or grunted in pain as they slowly try to get up.  The same stormtrooper looked around to find his blaster rifle, only to see it was blown out ahead of their former position and between himself and Lord Valkyrie.  Lord Valkyrie looked up to see Kaiser approaching as Kaiser spoke, “It’s no point.  You are too weak to face a real God.” The stormtrooper watched, stumbled up and rushed forward to grab his rifle as both Kaiser and Lord Valkyrie reached for Lord Valkyrie’s sword and the sword hilt did not move as Kaiser spoke, “See, you are too....” Suddenly the sword flew from the ground, away from both of them, and it stopped and as Kaiser and Lord Valkyrie looked up Kaiser looked taken aback while Lord Valkyrie’s expressionless mask looked on to see the sword is in the hand of a stormtrooper (that was trying to reach for his rifle).

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