Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


6. 6

Beyond Nebian II, the ships of the fleet for The Empire began to change and brake apart like butterflies emerging from their cocoon’s and the ships that were in the form of Star Piercer’s, Star Cruisers, etc. revealed to be Interdicator Cruisers, Acclamator class assault ships, Venator-class and Victory class star destroyers.  In the computer banks and rosters of The Empire, the names and classes of The Empire s various aircrafts, fighters and vehicular weapons changed as well as the clone troopers changed their armor to that of Imperial stormtroopers and other variants but kept the same color armor code.  The last of these ships to change is the ESS Valkyrie and its transformation can only be measured in the grandest of scales.  From the top of the super structure of the Valkyrie two shield generators appeared and flanked the main bridge while the two, single barreled batteries remained in place beneath each rung of the T shaped structure.  The large twin barreled batteries, that sat along the top of the ship, broke away and hovered in space till all of a sudden they broke apart to reveal the stark white shapes of Imperial Star Destroyers.  Tracker beams emitted from the star destroyers and retracted the sections of the hull that concealed them and pulled them into the hanger bays below the ships as the star destroyers engines fired up making three, large, bright blue lights from their engines.  


    At The Facility, Commander Gleam watched in awe from the wide viewing window of his large office as clones grabbed their new armor from the quartermaster posts and he spoke to himself,  “Very deceptive indeed.”  A female voice called out,  “Commander!”  Gleam turned to see a Miranda clone receptionist standing at the entrance and he asked,  “Yes?”  The clone replied,  “The clone delegate from Kaman is on the line.”  Gleam nodded,  “Thank You Maria.”  He went behind his large desk as Maria left his office and when he pressed a single button on the edge of his desk the monitor behind him light up and showed the face of an anxious Kaman.  The Kaman yelped,  “Commander Gleam!  We received word from Lord Valkyrie’s command ship and our current clones are now being clothed by this new type of armor we just heard about!”  Commander Gleam stood calmly before his anxious friend and replied,  “The Facility is going through the same situation you are having as well Delegate Ris.  You better notify the Head Quartermaster to change the armor to match the new ones that Lord Valkyrie released in order to prevent any delays, and the same goes for the armory and munitions department.”  Ris yelped,  “What about the clones that had been provided with the different clothing and weapons?”  Gleam replied calmly,  “I will ask Lord Valkyrie, but in the meantime, I think it is best that when the clones trade in their weapons and armor they should be kept in storage in case they may be needed again.”  Ris looked puzzled but he quickly shook his head and said,  “It doesn’t make sense commander, but, fine.  It will be done.”  The screen went blank and Commander Gleam turned back to his desk, pressed the call button and spoke,  “Secretary Maria, notify Lord Valkyrie I need to speak to him.”  Maria spoke,  “Commander, Lord Valkyrie is calling you.”  Gleam was taken a little aback but he replied,  “I will take it Maria.”  Commander Gleam smoothed his uniform and straightened his cape behind him as he prepared himself for Lord Valkyrie.


    Commander Gleam then turned and pressed the same button beside him and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz’s face appeared on the screen and Gleam spoke with ease,  “Lord Valkyrie, it is a pleasure.”  Lord Valkyrie emotionlessly asked,  “Commander Gleam, is the conversion proceeding smoothly?”  Gleam replied calmly,  “Yes, at The Facility.”  Captain Cruz asked,  “What about the Kamans?”  Gleam answered,  “The Kamans are able to provide the currently supplied equipment but they are quickly running low and are presently trying to replicate them as fast as possible.  Although they are concerned about the equipment the troops are trading in for the new ones.  For now I have told them to stock pile them in case they are needed again.”  Lord Valkyrie spoke,  “Excellent commander.  That is exactly what needs to be done.”  Gleam continued,  “I am also going to Kaman to oversea the turnover.......since the delegate is a little edgy.”  Lord Valkyrie replied,  “Very well commander, do what you must.”  Gleam held back his satisfaction as he confirmed,  “Thank You Lord Valkyrie.”  The screen went blank and Gleam finally smirked with satisfaction.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Major Greers stepped onto the bridge and walked briskly towards Lord Valkyrie with Captain Cruz and Commodore Ramos standing and flanking behind him as Lord Valkyrie watched the rest of the Valkyrie and Nebian II before him.  Major Greers walked the extension of the walkway and stopped before their backs and stated,  “You summoned me Lord Valkyrie.”  Lord Valkyrie, Commodore Ramos and Captain Cruz turned to face him as Lord Valkyrie spoke,  “Yes, major.  Your unit’s actions on the railway and dam were most impressive.”  Greers gave a short bow and replied,  “Thank You Lord Valkyrie.”  Lord Valkyrie continued,  “Thanks to you and Colonel Grivance, there is now a full fledged civil war against the tyrannical government below us.”  Greers thanked Lord Valkyrie but he continued (as if not hearing his thanks),  “The Star Destroyer Indomitable has detected a powerful energy reading on Egyian II.”  Greers looked slightly puzzled and asked,  “Is it the same area where we...”  Lord Valkyrie cut him off,  “Yes, major.  As of now, the Valkyrie is readying to jump into hyperspace.  I suggest you get your division ready for heavy combat.”  Greers bowed and acknowledged Lord Valkyrie before turning away and Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and Commodore Ramos turned back around to see the Valkyrie is pointing into space when all of a sudden the stars turned into streaks of light as the ship jumped into hyperspace.

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