Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


2. 2

The moment the modified CH-47 vanished Captain Cruz spoke with relief,  “Thank God.”  Lord Valkyrie commented,  “You are not the only one captain.”  A male voice spoke aloud,  “My lord!”  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned to see Major Greers standing before them at attention as he continued,  “Should I show you your new quarters?  I believe you will find it more comfortable than the ones on the previous ships.”  Lord Valkyrie replied,  “Yes major, but notify Commodore Ramos to head to Nebian II with haste as one of the four continents is suffering a massive genocide and we must intervene.”  Major Greers replied,  “Yes my lord.”  And he made an about face and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz followed him as Major Greers pulled out his standard issue communicator (in his left breast pocket) and notified Commodore Ramos of Lord Valkyrie’s order.


    The double (harden one foot metal) doors opened and dark blue lights turned on to reveal a large rectangular grey room with a square sized glass pool in the middle with dark sky blue liquid inside it.  Along the center of the paneled walls are what appears to be built in 42 inch screen monitors between every odd number of panels with a King size bed in the back center, against the wall.  Major Greers entered, with Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz following behind, and stood for a few moments as they took in the few before he stated,  “Director Spec personally supervised the installation of the Rejuvenation Tub and he said that according to the records of the Health Department of the civilization of Saa, this highly pure water cleanses the entire body and heals any small or moderate wounds while also keeping the appearance of your body to appear young.”  Lord Valkyrie replied with satisfaction in his voice,  “Impressive.”  Major Greers walked to the left, around the pool and pressed a concealed button and multiple panels to the left of Lord Valkyrie’s bed pulled back to reveal a large walk-in closet.  Each part of the closet held multiple pieces of each part of Lord Valkyrie’s uniform and Major Greers continued the orientation,  “He also installed this closet to hold multiple pieces of your clothing, in case you receive battle damage or wear and tear.”  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz looked on as Major Greers continued and briefly pointed out Lord Valkyrie’s bed when Lord Valkyrie asked,  “Where is Captain Cruz’s quarters?”  Major Greers immediately walked around Lord Valkyrie’s bed and followed along the left of the tub when he stopped halfway to show a flat, protruding hand reader to the left of a single metal door, that looked like it is made of the same material as Lord Valkyrie’s, and he pointed out,  “Your handprint captain.”  Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie looked at each other for a few moments before Captain Cruz stepped up, removed her left red glove, and placed her hand on the reader till it turned green.  


    The door slid open to reveal a smaller version of Lord Valkyrie’s room, but instead of a Rejuvenation Tub in the center there are padded matts that took its place.  Major Greers pointed at a small sliding door panel, with a small speaker and button on top, to the right of Captain Cruz’s bed before turning and pointed at the same thing to the right of Lord Valkyrie’s and stated,  “Both rooms have both intercoms you can use either to contact the bridge or the kitchen and a food dispenser for whatever you wish from the kitchen.”  He then pointed at the monitors as he continued,  “You also have multiple screens so you can watch battle plans or reports and have a full conversation and can automatically move from their wall stations and surround the perimeter of the center of the rooms cordless.”  He then pointed at the wall sections between the monitors in Captain Cruz’s room as he continued,  “Each wall section contains various types of practice weaponry for you and at the most three partners.”  He then walked to the left corner of the Rejuvenation Tub and pointed to a section of the ceiling between the front doors and the tub and stated,  “Each room also has a 60 inch main monitor that turns down from the ceiling and has a built in speaker so you can both listen and communicate to whatever part of the ship or to other ships you wish in range.”  He then turned to them and asked,  “Are the quarters to your liking my lord, captain?”  Lord Valkyrie answered,  “They are excellent Major Greers.”  Major Greers walked towards the far left paneled wall and stated,  “The clones in the Scientific Division built a droid specifically for you my lord, and they hope you will come to your liking.”  He pressed a concealed button and part of the wall retracted back to reveal a slim, rotating, head droid that hovered with power cables attached to its pot shaped body beneath with various tentacle like arms built for various purposes.  Lord Valkyrie scanned the droid from the bottom up (as it hovered silently) and asked,  “What can it do major?”  Greers replied,  “Anything you wish, either for interrogation, combat or information retrieval.”  Lord Valkyrie asked again (as if ignoring Greers reply),  “What’s its designation?”  Greers replied,  “It wasn’t given one my lord.  The scientists and the clones that have built or installed it so far called it  Valkyrie’s Droid.”   Lord Valkyrie said,  “Hmm.  That will suffice.  Tell them I am fascinated and would like to see what my droid can do in the near future, now that I am VERY curious.”  There was a vibrator sound and Greers pulled his personal communicator and answered it,  “Yes?”  He stood at attention as he continued,  “Yes Commodore!  Right away Commodore!”  He put it away and stated,  “My lord, captain, Commodore Ramos says we are arriving at Nebian II.”  Lord Valkyrie thanked the major,  “Thank You Major Greers.  Would you mind escorting us to the bridge?”  Greers replied (as he pressed the same button and the sliding door closed over Valkyrie s Droid),  “Yes my lord!”  He left Lord Valkyrie’s quarters with Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz following him as they headed towards the nearest turbo lift.


    A Cruz clone Lt. (with blond hair) in the port forward inner ring control pit spoke aloud,  “Orbit achieved commodore!”  Commodore Ramos replied,  “Excellent!  Who else has arrived?”  Another officer replied,  “The Space Cruiser Royal Pain, two Star Piercer’s Vanguard and Republic and three Star Transports sir!”  Commodore Ramos acknowledged (in Spanish),  “Excellent.”  A booming, demanding, voice asked aloud,  “Situation report commodore!”  Ramos turned to see Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and Major Greers standing before him and Ramos replied, as ordered,  “The planet scanner has scanned the surface and the entire planet is recuperating from a nuclear war decades ago.  All of the makeshift governments have established order and the people are living normal happy lives, except one.  This one is setup into eight, so called, districts with one serving as the central government while the rest supply materials to them.”  Lord Valkyrie ordered,  “Show me.”  The commodore went to one of the wall consoles to the far right and he, Lord Valkyrie and the others stood in a half circle around the monitor (over an a African American male clone in a grey jumpsuit as he continued to stay busy at his work station) and saw the separated districts the commodore was mentioning in a circular pattern with the capitol in the center.  Lord Valkyrie ordered,  “Continue commodore.”  Commodore Ramos continued,  “This government was working fine till the last two leaders decided to treat the other districts as if they are slave labor and relations have begun to deteriorate.  The current president made it worse by establishing a strong military presence in all of the other seven districts and riots have begun to sprout up.”  Two monitors to the right and left showed security camera footage of looting and police/military brutality as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz watched as Commodore Ramos continued,  “Further scans show that one of these districts is fully prepared for a full scale war, but according to one of our spy drones they are not launching a full scale war due to the resistance from the other districts is not strong enough to warrant a war to come to their assist and take down the central district.”  Valkyrie looked from screen to screen, silently, till he responded,  “This is perfect.”  He turned to Commodore Ramos and ordered,  “Commodore Ramos, order the rest of the fleet to stand by and assemble the Valkyrie’s assault troops.”  Ramos stated,  “I will have two regiments standing by my lord.  What is your plan my lord?”  Lord Valkyrie pointed at him and replied,  “We are going to give them the push they needed commodore.  Also, prepare one Mobile Fighter Suit for departure.  I want to see how these suits operate within a gravitational environment.”  Commodore Ramos answered,  “Yes my lord!”  Commodore Ramos turned and walked away as he left Valkyrie, Cruz and Greers watching the monitors.


    Lord Valkyrie looked upon one of the monitors that showed a Hydro-electric dam with a small military base built next to the power facility and the whole area in general is crawling with soldiers wearing white body armor and carrying fully automatic rifles or carbines and Lord Valkyrie broke the silence when he said,  “Major Greers.”  Major Greers snapped to attention behind Lord Valkyrie and asked,  “Yes my lord?”  Lord Valkyrie pointed to the dam as he ordered,  “Lead a battalion to this power facility and assist the resistance as they try to blow it up.”  Major Greers answered,  “Yes my lord!  Can I have a squadron of H fighters standing by to strafe the military base and power plant?”  Lord Valkyrie answered,  “You will have them AND a squad of D class bombers, in case the rebels are unsuccessful on blowing the dam.”  Major Greers acknowledged,  “Thank You my lord!”  He made a short bow before Greers made an about face and walked briskly towards the nearest turbo lift as Lord Valkyrie resumed watching the monitors and said,  “This should be very interesting Captain Cruz.”  Cruz replied,  “Yes my lord.”  And they both continued to watch the monitors as Commodore Ramos paced around the bridge, watching the operations in the control pits.

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