Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


11. 11

Lord Valkyrie ignited the red beam of his sword and as the first angry person ran towards him and is about to punch Lord Valkyrie, Valkyrie swung his sword and cut the screaming man in half diagonally.  The mob screamed and yelled in anger as they charged and Lord Valkyrie swung his lightsaber viciously, chopping people either in half or in pieces and the angry mob’s screaming and yelling added the cries and screams of pain as others still yelled in anger.  Govar, the crowd in the stands and the newly appointed government officials that stood on the stage looked on in horror as they watched Lord Valkyrie sliced through the oncoming mob that surrounded him like a guide chopping through a thick jungle with a machete.  It did not take long for the crowd to realize killing Lord Valkyrie is hopeless and a majority of them started to run away, but ended up being futile as well.  Lord Valkyrie swung in the direction a group of people were running away and threw up his right hand in a grasping motion as he took a loud single breath and his eyes glowed red as a dozen people stopped running.  Lord Valkyrie pulled his hand back and the people that tried running away were yanked back at Lord Valkyrie’s direction and one by one, Lord Valkyrie shoved his lightsaber through the back of one person (as Valkyrie grabbed his left shoulder) and yanked his sword out as the person screamed in pain and as the others flew back at Lord Valkyrie as they screamed.   Lord Valkyrie swung his lightsaber and chopped one’s head off, another in half, another chopping both her legs off before immediately turning around at the screaming woman and stabbed his sword cleanly through her forehead as her eyes rolled up and Lord Valkyrie pulled his sword out and chopped the others into pieces as they continued flying back at Lord Valkyrie (like a batter practicing his swings during practice).  Just after he cut down the last person a screaming woman ran up behind him with a piece of wood that she snapped off from a flag pole and brought it down on Valkyrie’s back, only for it to break as it deflected off Lord Valkyrie’s suit and cape.  Lord Valkyrie glanced back and he immediately elbowed her in the face, forcing her to stumble back and yelp in pain through her bleeding nose and Lord Valkyrie quickly turned around, as the woman is cradling her nose and blood seeping through her fingers, and stabbed the woman dead center of her body.  The woman’s hands snapped away from her face to reveal her shock beneath her bloody nose as Lord Valkyrie used his lightsaber and throttled the woman over him and the momentum yanked the woman off of his lightsaber as she flew away and fell on top of the crowd a few yards away.  The still angry mob at this point is right on top of Lord Valkyrie and Valkyrie swung his sword viciously, slicing the angry mob to pieces, sending limbs and occasionally blood flying in the air and the air became even more crowded with the sounds of screams and begs of mercy.  


    The once angry mob took notice that killing Lord Valkyrie is futile and the carnage that surrounds them and Lord Valkyrie’s path and immediately they all began running back, but Lord Valkyrie stood, with his sword in hand, and said, “I warned you.” And suddenly everyone stopped running.  The remaining people in the crowd yelled or cried out as they did not understand what is holding them down as they tried to move while Lord Valkyrie disengaged the red beam of his sword and put it back on his belt, raised both of his hands as if lifting something up and the remaining mob (about four dozen people) lifted up into the air a few feet and they squirmed and thralled as they futility tried to escape Lord Valkyrie’s grip.  As the people thralled and tried to escape Lord Valkyrie’s grip on them, Lord Valkyrie spoke in a menacing/angry tone, “I told you, if you challenge me, you will all die.” Slowly, Lord Valkyrie closed his gloved fingers into fists and the people that dangled in the air cried out in agony as their bodies stiffened and there were bone cracking sounds as their bodies began to crush into a ball.  The people in the stands and podium looked on in shock as the remaining people that attacked Lord Valkyrie were crushed to death.  As the people were being crushed blood spurted out of their bodies as their blood began to loose space (like a crushed, filled soda can) till Lord Valkyrie’s hands formed into fists and the crushed bodies stopped and took the final form of balls of mangled, crushed, limbs and body parts as they formed into balls and Lord Valkyrie dropped his hands and the balls of corpses dropped onto the ground and made thud noises as skin, meat and bones smacked the ground.  


    Lord Valkyrie looked around at the crowd in the stands and the government officials on the stage as he spoke, “Now that you have seen my power, you know that defying me is futile.  Since your cynical President is no more, I will take your former President Jovan and you will allow the Inspector Troopers to locate these missiles I have mentioned and corporate with them till all the missiles are retrieved and removed from your world and my troopers will do the same.  Any questions?” Utter silence as Lord Valkyrie continued to look around till he broke the silence, “Good.” A Lambda shuttle appeared from behind the back of the stadium (gleaming with its blinding white hull) and landed in the middle of the grounds and behind Lord Valkyrie.  Captain Cruz pointed to Jovan and two stormtroopers approached the shocked Jovan from behind, cut off his binds, grabbed him by both of his arms and Jovan gave a “Whup!” sound as he was startled by the stormtroopers lifting him up and the tips of his toes twitched and dangled just mere inches from the ground as the stormtroopers hauled him away with ease towards the awaiting Lambda shuttle.  Lord Valkyrie walked his way towards the shuttle with Captain Cruz and the remaining stormtroopers as Govar looked in awe at Lord Valkyrie, even as he stopped suddenly and looked over at Govar and Govar gulped and began to sweat.  Lord Valkyrie looked at Govar with his glaring, red lensed eyes of his helmet as Govar tried to control his fear as he stood his ground when Lord Valkyrie spoke to him, “Do not worry Govar.  Jovan will pay for his crimes and what he did to your family and to the families of your friends and loved ones.” Govar closed his mouth as he gathered himself and calmed down a little and to his surprise Lord Valkyrie raised his right glove (as if waving goodbye) as he spoke, “I hope you find peace.” He then dropped his hand and spoke to Govar for the last time, “If you need a job, go to the “Empire Volunteer Service Office” And mention your recruiter my name and he or she will contact Captain Cruz and take care of you.” Lord Valkyrie turned away and continued towards the shuttle with Captain Cruz and the troopers following him and Govar still stood in silence as he watched and just as Lord Valkyrie walked up the ramp, Govar said, “Thank You.” Even as he essentially talked to himself and the ramp closed and the shuttle lifted off, leaving Govar looking up at the shuttle, as it flew towards the hanger bay of the Star Destroyer, knowing in his mind that he believes that justice has been served.


    The center turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped onto the bridge of the ESS Valkyrie as Commodore Ramos stood at parade rest and awaited for them and Ramos spoke, “I take it the trip is a resounding success my lord?” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz passed him, as they walked on the center walkway to the viewing windows on the bridge and Despite, and Commodore Ramos followed as Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes commodore.  Set course back to Apocalypse, Director Spec told me that one of the survey teams on the planet found something he needs my immediate attention.” Commodore Ramos gave a quick, short bow and confirmed, “Yes my lord.” Ramos then turned to the port control pit and gave the order as Lord Valkyrie looked out the center viewing window and asked Despite (as she stood with a caution look on her face), “What did you think, Despite?” Despite did not reply as she turned and looked in the same direction Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz are looking.  The Valkyrie turned about from Nebian II, with two Imperial class Star Destroyers (including the one Lord Valkyrie was transported to the surface) remained in orbit around the planet, and the right corner of Despite’s lip twitched and Lord Valkyrie stated, “Excellent.” And at that moment the Valkyrie went into phase.

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