Star -The Empire Chronicles: Order Within The Chaos

The Empire launches its campaign against tyranny within the galaxy while at the same time establish allies as they attempt to reach their goal of bringing down Lord Serenity and his cowardly subjects.


1. 1

Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the other three that stood behind him, walked off the podium before Lord Valkyrie stopped, turned to Cassel Depkun and Karma Zebu and asked,  “Supreme Leader and Chancellor, what are your thoughts?”  Karma looked a little nervous as he glanced at the troopers that are still hailing Lord Valkyrie as Cassel looked confident and unfazed by the cheering soldiers as he looked at Lord Valkyrie and replied, with a smirk on his face,  “Hmm, I have to say.  It’s a good thing we are allies or....”  Lord Valkyrie interrupted as he pointed at Cassel and towered over him,  “If I did not allow you to become my allies, I will allow the clones to do what they wanted so long ago.”  As he finished, Lord Valkyrie’s shadow casted over Cassel, as he glared at him with his red, bright, eyes, and Cassel’s face twitched as sweet formed on his forehead and face (even as he tried to continue to look at Lord Valkyrie with confidence) as he continued to look at Lord Valkyrie, when Karma spoke,  “We are grateful for showing us mercy Lord Valkyrie.”  Lord Valkyrie looked at Karma as Cassel glanced when Karma continued,  “The citizens of Zarn are most appreciative for allowing us to become your allies and assist The Empire to whatever capacity you wish.”  Lord Valkyrie made a single nod and said,  “Thank You Chancellor.”  Captain Cruz (who stood on the side and watched the conversation as it unfolded) stepped up and stated (with her rifle across her chest),  “Lord Valkyrie, your shuttle is ready to depart.”  Lord Valkyrie gave a single nod as he looked at Cruz’s direction before turning back to Cassel and Karma and said,  “If you excuse me Supreme Leader, Chancellor, my ship is awaiting for its maiden voyage.  Tell Supreme Sentinel Hamon Warn and the rest of your people to prepare for war and assemble all your military forces and mobile units to assist The Empire.”  Karma bowed first and after a few moments Cassel quickly followed suit (as Lord Valkyrie’s red eyes still stared at him) and Karma answered,  “Yes Lord Valkyrie.”  Lord Valkyrie turned away to see Director Spec standing before him with a hilt of the same sword Lord Valkyrie possessed and Director Spec spoke,  “My lord, the engineers at the weapons facility were able to construct the same sword you have with a modification that instead of carrying the whole sword with you as it is, the blade can retract and unfold and still have the same density as the one you have currently.” Lord Valkyrie’s red eyes of his helmet gazed upon the hilt on Spec’s hands and asked, “Does it also activate the beam saber as well?” Director Spec replied, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie grasped the hilt from Spec’s hands and held it out before he pressed the single rectangular button in the center and the blade immediately folded out and solidify into the sword he is carrying.  Everyone around him did not flinch as the sword unfolded nor did they flinch as Lord Valkyrie pressed a smaller button above the other and the red beam appeared and engulfed the steel looking blade with red light.  Lord Valkyrie gave a satisfactory “Hmm” And pressed the same two buttons to return back to the sword’s hilt form.  Lord Valkyrie asked, “Do you have the holster?” Spec turned and grabbed the black six shooter type holster from another blown suited officer and handed it to Lord Valkyrie as he handed his previous sword to Captain Cruz, after holstering her rifle.  


    Lord Valkyrie put the holster on and slipped on the hilt before turning back to Director Spec and thanked him for his new sword before he and Captain Cruz started walking away and Director Spec quickly caught up and followed alongside Lord Valkyrie and said, “Sir I also want to add Commander Gleam reports the crew of the ESS Valkyrie are manned by future leaders or high ranking officials of The Empire.”  Lord Valkyrie asked,  “Did picked the batches of clones personally or was it done by the regular cloning process?”  Director Spec replied, with curiosity in his voice,  “He did not say my lord.”  The large doors before them opened as they continued to walk towards the same shuttle they arrived earlier as Director Spec continued,  “Should I inform him to await for your transmission when you arrive on the Valkyrie?”  Lord Valkyrie replied (as he and Cruz walked up the ramp and Spec stopped before it),  “Yes director, and continue your research.”  Spec replied aloud (as the ramp began to close),  “Yes my lord!”  Director Spec stepped back as the shuttle lifted off and flew towards the ESS Valkyrie (sitting in orbit) before Spec turned around and walked off with a smirk on his face.


    The shuttle glided into the hanger bay where Blitz and various other troopers stood at present arms as they faced each other and lined a path from the shuttle s ramp (which is descending) to the main hanger bay entrance doors (made out of hard steel and wide enough that an entire platoon can march on through), while the rest of the officers and enlisted (not carrying firearms) stood at attention as they faced the shuttle.  When the ramp is fully extended, Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz descended and approached Greers as he stood at attention, wearing his dark green officer’s uniform, and awaited for them.  Lord Valkyrie’s head did not move as he did not spoke for a couple moments till he said,  “Major Greers, congratulations on your promotion.”  Greers made a quick short bow before he replied,  “Thank You my lord.  The redevelopment of the people’s culture from that being we eliminated is a profound success.”  Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and Major Greers walked towards the doors as Lord Valkyrie replied,  “Excellent major.”  Greers began to lead ahead as he spoke,  “If you will follow me, my lord, I will escort you to the bridge, where Commodore Ramos is awaiting for you.”  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz followed Major Greers as they exited the hanger and made their way towards the bridge of the ESS Valkyrie.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and Major Greers stepped onto the bridge of the ESS Valkyrie.  A large, throne like, solid black chair sat permanently on the deck with three rings of control pits surrounding the chair, broken apart into four quarters (from above as personal can pass underneath) as four decks led straight away from the center chair to either the turbo lifts in the back, standing control stations and viewports to the left and right, and large viewing windows in the front (like on the Triton and Frederica).  If Lord Valkyrie and/or Captain Cruz are impressed, their helmets covered their facial reactions as Major Greers continued to lead away, towards the front viewing windows, where a bulky (muscular) man stood before the very front viewing window with his back turned to them till Major Greers stopped and announced,  “My lord, Commodore Ramos.”  Ramos turned to reveal a grim faced hispanic male with short cropped hair and beard as he continued to stand with his hands behind his back and he spoke,  “Lord Valkyrie, it s an honor to have you aboard.”  Lord Valkyrie replied,  “Your honor is accepted Commodore, now I must speak to Commander Gleam.”  Still looking on with a grim expression, Ramos raised his open right hand to his right, towards one of the standing control stations, and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz proceeded but Major Greers remained as Ramos stepped towards him and ordered,  “You are dismissed major.”  Major Greers snapped to attention and replied,  “Yes commodore!”  And he made an about face and walked straight to the center turbo lift.


    Commander Gleam’s face appeared on the monitor and he had a look of confidence as he spoke,  “My lord, I take it my clones meet your approval?”  Lord Valkyrie replied,  “I just arrived on the bridge commander, so I am still skeptical by what you mean as these clones are supposed to be the future of The Empire’s command structure.”  Gleam did not waver as he replied,  “The Kamans have created an algorithm that will make these new clones to become smarter and more adaptable then the ones that are in service and I added the algorithm to the processors and creation chambers in The Facility and created a batch of clones to man the ESS Valkyrie.”  Lord Valkyrie spoke,  “So in other words, you placed your faith on the Kamans to create better clones and experiment their creation onboard the flagship of the entire Navy.”  Gleam blushed, even though he kept a calm looking demeanor and quickly replied,  “They have not created any of the new clones!  I told them to wait so we find out there are no any defects!”  Lord Valkyrie spoke eerily calm,  “Still these are THEIR clones.  You just used your facility to form them and attempt to take their credit.”  Gleam spoke,  “My lo...  Gleam’s face began to twitch as he pulled (as if adjusting) his collar and his face began to turn redder than his cheeks and began to make choking sounds as Lord Valkyrie stated,  “If you say you have created something commander, you better have actually created it and not repeat your blunder or else your existence is no longer required.”  Gleam stopped choking and gasped and breathed heavily for a few moments before he responded, “Yes my lord!”  From the control pit behind Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz, a female Lt. announced,  “Lord Valkyrie, one of our spy drones on Karmel IV has identified someone that looks like Dani Wolf!  The girl that was labeled deceased during the raid on one of Zhargosia’s experimental facilities!  We also received a report by one of our Space Destroyer’s that Hyena and the others required immediate extract!”  Captain Cruz moved her head over her right shoulder (at the woman’s direction) before looking back forward, while Lord Valkyrie remained unwavered, and Lord Valkyrie said,  “If you excuse me Commander Gleam, I have more important matters to attend to.  Also, increase your production on construction clones.  We need more ships and vehicles in the coming battles.”  Lord Valkyrie cut Gleam off (before he could reply) and turned to Commodore Ramos’s direction (as Ramos looked down at each of the control pits from time to time during the conversation) and ordered,  “Commodore Ramos, set course to Perinea II, maximum phase.”  Commodore Ramos replied,  “Yes my lord!”  He turned about and gave the order to one of the control pits behind him and Lord Valkyrie stated,  “Commodore Ramos, I and Captain Cruz will handle the extraction.  Have a squad of Blitz Troopers standing by my shuttle.”  Commodore Ramos replied,  “It will be done my lord!”  The ship suddenly went to phase and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz headed towards the turbo lift as Commodore Ramos sent word to prepare Lord Valkyrie’s shuttle.


(Continued in The Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody)

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