A collection of poems I hope to build and improve upon over time.


3. 'Trying to Impress'

Trying to Impress

Everyone around me, trying to impress

But for me it only does depress.

An endless circle of smiley faces.

False laughs and fitting into places.

I see a desire not to stand out

But to what does all this effort amount?


Yes, I agree - I have felt it too,

The love of fitting in, I know it true.

But I am myself, all of the time:

I speak what I think and my thoughts are mine,

My passions are mine, my clothes as well.

From my friends and I a difference you can tell.


Everyone around me, trying to impress

Sometimes it throws me into distress:

Who are you, hidden deep under it all?

Who are you, hidden under the shawl?

When you are you and not acting quote ‘cool’?

I know you need your security, but

All I ask for is an ounce of purity.

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