Behind the smile

Everybody think she is perfect and always happy. But what is the truth behind her smile?


7. Chapter 7

We do smile. We do cry. We do scream. We do shout. There is a reason behind it all. We have feelings. Some get happier than other. Some are more sensitive than other. Some are more emotion than other. But some can not control their feelings. I think nobody can control them. It is kinda fun. What do you feel right now?


What i feel right now.. I feel kinda sad and empty. Do I have a reason? Not really. You may ask were you not happy? I was. I am? I am a confused human. There are times, where i can be the most happy on earth, and after 5 minutes I will be sad. Not because I am sad, but because i am empty. The feeling of emptiness give me a sad feeling. Imagine you are in a new city. In the start you think you know the way, but in the end you are lost. I feel like that. Actually am I smiling right now.. Ish. But i feel so empty. I used to only feel like this, when I was running from my problems. Maybe I still do but not in the same way.

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