Behind the smile

Everybody think she is perfect and always happy. But what is the truth behind her smile?


6. Chapter 6

Some of you may know, that I am addicted to quotes. Really addicted. Quotes can describe me so well. There was a time i had problems with talk about, what i felt. In a period i just sent people quotes. Here is some of my favorites.


I have a thousand things to say to you,

and a thousand reasons not to.


I hate that

I am still hoping.


The way they leave tells you



It sucks because

I was getting better

and now I am not


Sometimes it feels better

not to talk. At all.

About anything.

To anyone.


I say “Sorry” a lot.

Mostly because i feel like

everything is my fault.


Please do not ask me if I am okay.

I might do anything stupid like open up for you.

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